{SQT} Hair With ‘Poo and the Best Wine Glasses of the Century

Trying to type up the quickest takes I can because the great outdoors are calling.

1. I do believe my hair has fully recovered from the great ‘No Poo’ disaster of ’15. I switched to some products from Maple Holistics and amazingly enough, my scalp is no longer a mix of Valdez spill zone and nuclear fall out. My hair actually looks really good (I mean, I’m happy with it. If you see me and hate it, keep your yap shut okay?). I can get three good days between washings; four if I’m happy with the high school sports star headband and ponytail look.

Argan Shampoo

Silk 18 Conditioner

2. I also started using this beach hair spray again (which I’d lost in my closet) because the label said Argan Oil and my shampoo has Argan Oil in it and somehow using all this special oil makes my scalp look less oily.

3. Speaking of hair, while at my parents I found an old bottle of purple hair dye that’s been hiding in a medicine cabinet since the mid-ninties. Not quite sure what to do with it, except not throw it out. I just can’t help but think that “Dying your hair purple at 16 vs 36 and the lessons learned.” would make a great blog post / behavioral science project for the kids.

4. So I joined Periscope, which is a live streaming app owned by Twitter. It gives anyone the opportunity to share, live, whatever it is that they’re doing. I’m especially interested in how it could be used by Catholics to join together in prayer. I think it would be great to broadcast the Angelus, Vespers, Compline, etc. at set times on a regular basis. Religous orders could share prayers with followers outside their monastery or convent walls. You could see Mass or Adoration live, even if stranded at home with illness. Certainly you can watch Mass on EWTN or a pre-recorded rosary, but saying the Angelus at noon with another family, live, seems special to me. We know, intellectually, that the whole Church is praying together at certain times and following the same calendar, but I see Periscope as offering a tangible way for people to participate together in a whole new way.

In that vein, I’m trying to convince Tony to let me live stream our family’s prayers at night. Certainly, things don’t go picture perfect, but I think that sharing our family’s nightly ritual might help get others in the habit of saying prayers as a family too. (Even if they only start watching or following because it’s like a Catholic sitcom.) People could leave their prayer requests in the comments too. But, it’s easy to see how Mama waving her iPod around during prayers could be a distraction and possibly lead to worse behavior. Maybe I’ll start by streaming a lunchtime Angelus and go from there.

5. A reader shared this link with me yesterday.

Click this picture to become 100 times happier.

HOLD THE PHONE!! They’re wine glasses for the beach that you can stick in the sand so they don’t tip over!!! I’m also pretty sure my kids would use them to make awesome unbreakable pirate peg legs! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! CLICKCLICKCLICK ADD ALL TO CART!!!!!!!! Where is the information on an affiliate program??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

6. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who comments and emails me. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of responding to all comments and I always answer email; just please be patient. However, I don’t get nearly the amount of questions that some of my blogger friends do. I’d love to do a mailbag Quick Takes in which I answer all your questions…the funnier the better. (Cause we all know that hardly anyone is coming to me for real advice.)

7. Lastly, what was your favorite read from the past week? Mention it in the comments below! I will try to share each post on my Facebook and Twitter feeds during the week. Cause who doesn’t love finding great new blogs and bloggers?

Link up below and don’t forget to share the link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. I’m cutting back gradually on shampoo – I’ll have to give yours a try. New shampoos scare me, tho. Last time I tried something wonderful and organic that left my poor hair in one massive tangle. I nearly pulled all my hair out trying to get a wide-tooth comb through it 🙁 LOVE the wine glasses. A trip to the beach isn’t in our foreseeable future, but if it were that’s the first thing I’d pack!

  2. A wine glass for the beach! Love. It. I may get some as a late anniversary gift for my parents. I don’t get to the beach enough to justify one for myself. But if I get them a couple, then I can “borrow” one, mwahahahaha.

  3. I used to go two days between shampoos, but I got my hair cut. She cut it way, way to short, which means I now have to wash it every day so as not to embarrass my teens with my poofy hair. Plus, I sweat along my hair line all summer long, so…ew. Gotta wash it.

    Nobody asks me for tips or advice. I finally just went ahead and did a series on parenting tips and advice anyway. 🙂

    I hope you get those wine glasses and enjoy some wine at the beach before the kids swipe them.

  4. Don’t most beaches prohibit glass containers? Then again, something tells me that you might enjoy having to bring a box of wine to use with these glasses more than the average person. Just sayin’.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Jen Fulwiler and possibly Beth Anne Eretto know about some Periscope prayer time that’s already happening. Tweet them to check it out.

  5. Using Periscope to share prayer, you are a genius. I’m scared and hesitant about most new technology, but you use it as a way to evangelize and build the faith. You’re awesome.

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