{SQT} I Did More Than I Thought This Week

Welcome back friends for another episode of ‘Man, that week went by fast!’, A.K.A. ‘Why is there still so much left on my to do list?’

1. Mother’s Day was Sunday and I hope you all treated your mothers right, Mr. T style.

This never gets old. And how did I just notice his short shorts???

Since the seven of us celebrate Mother’s Day on Laetera Sunday, we use Mother’s Day in May to focus on the grandmothers. Since my parents were off celebrating their 40th wedding aniversary, that meant we got to take my mother-in-law out to dinner. We went with Red Lobster because it’s the one place everyone agrees on, and as a bonus, it has a free aquarium in the waiting room. Teddy insisted he wanted his own lobster, “I’m going to eat his hands and arms and his face!!” And in the process avoid consuming any actual seafood. Once the menu and crayons rolled up though, he was all about the chicken fingers. I had the weakest Long Island Ice Tea ever because although the focus wasn’t on me, I was going to have a good time…for my mother-in-law’s sake of course.

2.  While unloading in the Red Lobster parking lot a couple of screws decided to break on Teddy’s chair so we resorted to bungee cording his controller to his armrest to make it into the restaurant. I finally managed to extract one of the screws, adjust some things and now, he’s looking super tricked out with a zip tie, duct tape and deck screw combo. The repair dude is already set to come out soon to replace his battery and back attendant control so hopefully he can get Teddy back to top speed. Oh, and maybe help us figure out where this huge bolt belongs.

wheelchair bolt
It just randomly fell out the other day but it hasn’t slowed him down so it can’t be that important right?

3. Tuesday the kids and I hit up a matinee of the new Avengers movie ‘Age of Ultron’ with some other homeschooling friends. Tony and I were a bit worried that it might be too intense for the younger boys. I knew I was in for a long show when I slurped down my large Coke before the previews were over and instantly felt the urge to run to the bathroom. Not that Teddy or Fulton would let me. Fulton needed me to hold him or cover his eyes for about 80 percent of the movie. Teddy kept slapping my hand away every time I tried to protect his innocence and then loudly demanded more snacks. Once the movie was over I sprinted to the bathroom while Fulton told everybody about his favorite scences. He just loved it! We’ve had no nightmares so, while I never would have let my 12 or 11 year old watch this move at 6 and 4, I can’t be that bad of a mother right? Don’t answer that.

4. Rosaries Aren’t Just For Teething…..they’re also for hitting your siblings with, tangling together to make colorful necklaces and slapping your child with when they’re falling asleep at Mass. The possibilities are endless!


If you can actually find a few quiet minutes to say a rosary, why not sneak away with a copy of this great book? If you didn’t win a copy, you can purchase your own at Amazon OR you can purchase a hard copy from me directly for $15, and that includes free media mail shipping AND my signature. I’ll write something really funny or heartfelt inside the cover if you want. Maybe a kitty cat face doodle? Your choice. I’ll also leave it blank if that’s what you prefer in that cold, black heart of yours.

5. This week was also our monthly homeschool mom’s social. Since it was the last of the season, I decided to pick up some fun drinks.

girly drinks
Yeah, liquor store clerk, this is for a homeschool mom’s social. We’re a pretty wild bunch once you get to know us.

Drinking this stuff reminded me of the time I was 17 and tried a Zima for the first time. The Green Apple Sparkletini was horrible and the Kinky, was, meh. Too sweet overall, but the fun factor made up for it. I mean, the jokes were endless. I might buy it again just for the wordplay.

6. I hosted a sleepover this week as well for one of Byron’s friends. And let me tell you, I will take a boy sleepover over a girl sleep over ANY TIME.  It helps that Byron’s friend is really polite, picks up after himself AND puts the toilet seat down. The difference is there’s no surge in giggling, whispering at the table, gossiping or raucous laughter waking me up at midnight. Of course though, now I owe my daughters sleepovers because I have to put up the appearance of being fair. Thankfully, warm weather is here and I’m pretty sure sleeping out under the stars is just as popular with the younger set as a fresh Ariana Grande single. “I will run as many extension cords outside as you need honey, just don’t come in the house. And can you move your sleeping bags further from the back windows? I can smell the nail polish in the living room, and the Taylor Swift on repeat is keeping the boys awake. No you cannot use my iPod.Would you like to borrow my old Girl Talk game instead?”

7. NYC friends, I’ll be at Pianos in Manhattan on Monday night to watch my sister perform her final show in the Big Apple before moving across the country to CA. While I’m excited for her, the kids are a bit upset knowing they’ll see their favorite aunt even less. Edie took matter into her own hands and emailed my sister this guilt trip. For the record, it didn’t work and we’ll be buckling down on spelling for the rest of the year.

sad email
Why are you moving? I thought you loved me.


How was your week? Link up all the details below and don’t forget to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts! Be sure to click around and visit your fellow bloggers!


  1. HI Kelly!

    Thank you again for hosting 7 QT! We love the Red Lobster, but don’t have one in our city (which might be a good thing!) . My older kids and hubby saw the Avengers movie too and they liked it! I hope Teddy’s chair gets fixed soon! Have a blessed weekend! Tracy @ #6 link-up spot 🙂

  2. Oh. em. gee!!! I totally remember the Girl Talk game! You should make your daughters play it in between lip sync sessions of “Shake It Off!”.

  3. No Red Lobsters in New England…

    We just get lobsters at the super market real cheap depending on the daily price.

  4. I hate to break it to you, but you are in the sweet spot for boy sleepovers. There will be a day when his friends tower over you, and talk in booming, manly voices. As the sleepover wears on they begin to smell…. I mean… Really smell… Might I suggest stocking up in travel size deodorant sticks as party favors. You will remind them that they don’t have to use it just once a day. These hairy, stinky, men/children are wired to stay up late, and you will hear their booming voices and have to be “that mom ” who tells them to knock it off and go to bed, it’s 2 AM. So, enjoy this while you can.

  5. #3: I’m there with you. I shock myself at what I allow the younger kids to watch with their older siblings. When my 11 year old was 4, it was all Thomas the Tank Engine and Little Bear. His now-4-year old brother watches a variety of superhero movies and cartoons. I am now the mom that I used to be shocked by.

    #7: thank you. I am reassured to learn that my children are not alone in the creative spelling department.

    And I have also been meaning to tell you that my children, having seen a picture of Fulton in the hospital, now include him and Teddy in their intentions during the family rosary.

  6. I’m encouraged to hear that boy sleepovers can be so wonderful. I can’t imagine when we will actually have one, but one day. That bolt is so big! Can’t wait to hear why it mattered or didn’t. I may have to break down and buy myself that book….

  7. So I go to an EF parish and just had my wisdom teeth out and last night after waking up to take my medicine and going back to sleep I had a really weird dream. I dreamed that Father announced that we actually already celebrated mother’s day on Laetare Sunday so instead of doing the Mother’s Day liturgy we would have a vigil Mass of the nativity except then he started improvising and giving Communion in the hand (not trying to start a controversy or say anything bad about Communion in the hand, but it would be very strange if it happened at my parish, so it was very strange in the dream).

    I told my friend about it and she told me Laetare Sunday was the “old” Mother’s Day and I remembered that I had read this post. So…congratulations your post + wisdom teeth medications inspired a nightmare? 🙂

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