{SQT} I’m Counting on You!

seven quick takes friday 2

I knew it would eventually happen. I’d reach Thursday night and have absolutely no idea what to write for my Quick Takes. In the past, I simply wouldn’t post, but obviously, that’s not an option anymore.

This week has overwhelmed me with the mundane and tedious aspects of everyday life. (February tends to do that.)

I’m counting on you bloggers to pick up the slack! Link up your most amazing Quick Takes ever and next week I’ll feature a few of my favorites. Thanks for understanding. You’re the best.

Don’t forget to link up the url of your blog post and not your homepage. I’m feeling peppy just thinking of all the great Quick Takes I’ll get to read this weekend!


  1. Hi Kelly! I’m in spot #1 which means I’m up way past my bedtime (what’s a bedtime?) and it means that I really wanted to share my St. Valentine’s QT post with you and the link up 🙂 I completely understand how sometimes it’s hard to post when real life seems to be a bit crazy! Thank you for hosting 7 QT once again and have a blessed Saint Valentine’s weekend!

  2. We can pick up the slack, for sure. We can also have a bit of insomnia, or maybe it’s the weird noises our sick 10 year old makes with his teeth when he’s sleeping with us (you know so he can feel better, because Mommy’s bed has magical, healing properties) while Daddy is away on a business trip, that keeps waking us up. So long as you can pour tea in our eyes (or coffee, we can’t discriminate at this point) when we have to be up for work in 3 hours.

    Happy, and thank God for the weekend because Daddy is coming back and we need our bed back, weekend.

    And Happy St. Valentine’s Day.


  3. I just realized (after posting my link with featured picture) that my older daughter seems to be making an “I’M TOTALLY JUDGING YOU, 50 SHADES VIEWER” face. While she might make that face at the idea, that is not what she was making a face at there. The face was for me. 😉

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