{SQT} I’m Selling You Something, But it’s AWESOME

This might be considered a sponsored post since Jenny from Holy Heroes put out a call for bloggers who wanted to review some materials and possibly host a giveaway, and I was all

HOLY HEROES?!?! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

Cause I’m a 36-year-old Catholic homeschooling mom of five who knows where it’s at y’all!

And I was selected!

And this pack of materials showed up at my door and now, I get to gush to you about this great website and all the great resources they offer Catholic families AND I have a giveaway! Did somebody just take care of your Advent preparation and some Christmas shopping?! OH HONEY YES I DID!!!!!

So while yes, I was given merchandise in exchange for this post, it’s because I begged to get this stuff to share with you. My kids and I have been Holy Hero and Glory Story fans for years now, and I can’t say enough good stuff about it all. If we knew where the kids that filmed these videos lived, we’d totally just show up for a non-creepy playdate, because we like them all so much.

If you’re not too uncomfortable with all that honesty, let’s move on so I can share my only somewhat less crazy thoughts on seven great aspects of Holy Heroes and what they offer. Click on each affiliate linked picture to get whisked away to your one stop shop for Catholic liturgical fun and awesome.

1. Right around the corner is Advent. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the secular “holiday” season which runs from Black Friday until December 26 and glorifies gluttony in all things. Holy Heroes Advent Adventure is a neat program that is emailed to your inbox everyday and focuses on Advent as a time of preparation leading up to the birth of Jesus. Advent Adventure introduces kids to the old testament stories that foreshadow Christ, but also explains all the various feast days through out Advent, the meaning of the seasons’ liturgical colors and so much more. And in a way that kids will enjoy. Advent Adventure is how our family came to discover Holy Heroes and we’ve done it for several years now. The kids enjoy watching the Adventure Guides, and up to this point, printing off the activities. It’s become a tradition for our family and even as the older ones age out, they enjoy helping the younger ones.

One reason I was so excited to be contacted by Jenny was because she was able to get me a review copy of the Holy Heroes Advent Adventure book! No more running out of ink December 20 from printing out everything! Now, you can just order a book that includes all the activities- plus new material! All the pages are marked to show what online videos and extra resources they accompany. The activities are also marked from Level 1 to 3 so all your kids can have something fun to do each day. It’s not only a complete religion program for Advent, but a great way to celebrate the season!

2. Maybe you’ve heard about a Jesse Tree and want to start it within your family but don’t want to overwhelm your young children. Then the Holy Heroes Jesse Tree DVD is another great option. The disc contains not only all the videos but files of ornaments to print out too. And don’t worry if Advent is extra long, there’s enough videos and ornaments for every day! Plus, the DVD features the seven ‘O Antiphon’ ornaments and videos. I enjoy having my kids color at least a few new ornaments every year, while writing the artist’s name and age on the back.

3. Holy Heroes has other products that would also be a great aid in introducing a family prayer time. They have four rosary CDs, one for each set of mysteries, and an accompanying coloring book. Perfect to pop in during a car ride, or play one while the children color (and you nap, I mean pray along, from the couch.) I can’t rave enough about the quality of the illustrations either. Totally profesh and the perfect accent to your refrigerator.

4. Have I enticed you with the idea of putting in a CD to entertain your children while you accomplish other important tasks? Check out Holy Heroes full selection of Glory Story CDs. Exciting tales of great saints like Pope St. John Paul II, Blessed Miquel Pro, St. Joseph, St. Katherine Drexel, St. Kateri Tekawitha and my kids’ favorite St. Miquel de la Mora and the Knights of Columbus. We’ve been listening to Glory Stories since they were associated with Catholic World Missions, and I was so happy to see them in the Holy Heroes store.

5. Maybe CDs don’t do it for your kids like the video babysitter. I get it! No shame here ladies! But next time you need to make dinner with less whine (not wine mind you) pop in a Holy Heroes Inside the Sacraments DVD. We’ve been watching “Episode One: The Holy Eucharist” and it’s been a great supplement especially for Fulton as we ramp up for First Holy Communion 4.0 in the Spring of 2016. I even caught the older ones pulling away from their own CCD work to laugh along. The best thing is, I don’t feel like the content is dumbed down for my kids, just presented in a clear and fun way that sticks with them and reinforces the responses they need to memorize anyway from the catechism. So next time you’re thinking Daniel Tiger, switch it out and everyone is less annoyed-guaranteed.

6. If you love the format of the Advent Adventure, you can also sign up for their Lent Adventure. They also feature the Stations of the Cross on CD. Again, if you’ve been trying to introduce a family prayer time, I can’t think of an easier way.

7. Can’t make it to Vacation Bible School? Don’t worry, Holy Heroes even has you covered with a Summer Faith Adventure.

Right now, you’re thinking, “Oh my word! I’m so overwhelmed with all the choices! Where do I start?” I suggest visiting their site, surveying the Glory Stories and then coming back here to enter my giveaway to win the Glory Story of your choice plus a complete set of ‘The Life of Christ’ coloring books!!!! Yes way!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you can’t wait to win, swing back and pick up a few items for Christmas. Use code Lyceum10 for 10 percent off your entire order!! Don’t forget to subscribe via email to get new adventures delivered daily to your inbox during the appropriate season.

Once you’ve settled back with a contented smile on your face, be sure to swing back to Jen’s for more Quick Takers who probably are going to be more subtle in their marketing attempts. (I’ve never been good at subtle.)


    1. We got that one for our last trip to visit relatives. At the end of St. Martin’s story my 7-y-o daughter sighed and said, “My stars! Martin de Porres – what a man!” So I think that’s an upvote for that CD.

  1. I love these guys! Justin surprised me the other day by knowing the rest of the Sanctus, when we’d been just learning it slowly. How did he memorize the whole thing? From listening to the pray on a Holy Heroes CD!

    He’s been quoting John Paul II from that CD, as well, which is just fantastic!

  2. We don’t own anything from this company, but now I want to get them all! If I had to choose just one of the Glory Stories … oh my, tough choice. But, probably the St. John Paul II story would be my top pick. I’m saving this post so I can go back and do a bit of Christmas shopping, too. 🙂

  3. I know the kids would go nuts for JPII! They’re obsessed with the free sample we got – Cecilia has a morbid fascination with Blessed Imelda and keeps telling strangers that she wants to receive her first communion and then die JUST LIKE BLESSED IMELDA! So I’m thinking JPII would be a healthier obsession 😉

  4. I would choose JPII for a Glory Story. I have a few of them that I have downloaded in the past and really hope they make more of their products available for download soon!

  5. We have many already, but I would like Secrets from Heaven or the prayer CD. They have all been great so far.

    1. My kids have been listening to Glory Stories since they were your children’s ages. But these CDs don’t sugar coat the stories of the saints: St. Joan of Arc gets stabbed in battle, St. Miquel De La Mora was shot, and many others dealt with hardship and suffering. Some children may not like parts of the stories. I would give them a listen yourself first.

  6. These all seem amazing! As for the Glory Stories, I’d say St Maximilian Kolbe after our latest little guy. I see Christmas gifts in everyone’s future!

  7. Hmmmmmm I’m thinking we’d go for Bl Mother Teresa and St. Faustina – my girls are definitely in the boys have cooties phase or something 🙂

  8. Blessed Mother Teresa -I have an 8yr old daughter named Teresa. The linky to visit the Holy Heroes on facebook seems broken.

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