{SQT} Insert Smiley Face Where There Is A Frown

I contemplated skipping SQT this week because what could possibly top seven things about my new clock? But here I am, neglecting the children again and wracking my brain for seven things that can somehow reflect my week without making me seem like a whiney momasaurus. Prepare the fail button.

1.  My house is loud. All the time and lately, it’s been driving me crazy. Like, send my husband out to by me Jagermiester at 7 p.m. crazy. (Which he did. Love you hon!) Right now the younger two are constantly screaming for my attention, usually over top of one another. Our family went to a playdate on Wednesday and I spent the whole time with one of them either on my lap talking over me, spilling food, pinching my skin or screaming from the floor that he was being neglected. Even at home, no one can talk to me without going through Fulton or Teddy. They are the gate keepers. Woe to those who expect to converse or hug me without the wails of the oppressed ringing in their ears. And don’t even expect to sit next to me lest you take a Hot Wheels to the noggin. I love that my kids love me so much but it’s kinda like scary stalker banshee love right now and it’s make me weary. And irritable. I think everyone else in the house would add irritable.

2. No one wakes up happy in this house. Teddy wakes up by 6:30 every morning screaming like the monster under his crib is gnawing on his leg. If I don’t jump up instantly out of a dead sleep to get him ,the whole house is awake in 5 minutes. And when Fulton wakes up he screams GET ME, I’M AWAKE!  over and over until I do just that. It’s like being shot out a gun into my morning. And I’m the type who loves to ease into my day with some coffee on the porch. I can’t even remember the last time I did that without some child banging on the door behind me, “I want to come outside too!”

3.  I had to drive Byron and a couple of his friends to altar server camp at our church this week. This necessitated me being dressed, Byron being dressed and driving somewhere BEFORE 7:30 a.m. I tip my hat to my friends with kids in school. You think homeschooling is hard? I think running around every morning like a chicken with my head cut off is a nightmare! And that was just for one kid! The reason we’ve had leftovers twice this week? The reason my Quick Takes are late? The reason I passed out last night on the couch at 8:30? Altar server camp. I can’t wait to get back to my normal routine of PJ’s until 10 and a coherent mindset by noon.

4. I will not have an indoor cat. I will not have an indoor cat. I will not have an indoor cat.

Who is that furring up my new school cabinet?!?


5. Cute treehouse photo.


6. I had the talk with my oldest daughter about Aunt Flo this week. It was necessitated by her selecting an American Girl book that mentioned tampons. The talk went well and  she wasn’t scarred thanks in part to our Usborne Science Encyclopedia which did the hard part of actually explaining things. It was like a Summers Eve commercial without the talk of that not so fresh feeling. Definitely one of my prouder mom moments. I mean, I didn’t even snicker when I said vagina and fallopian tubes!

7. My husband said lots of funny things this week. None of which I remember now, but really, he’s an entertaining guy. Hopefully he’ll read this and leave a snarky comment. (Don’t try too hard Tony, just go with your gut!)

Bdee-bdee-bdee-that’s all folks. Stop by Jen’s for more Quick takes.



  1. That sounds a lot like my mornings. Ambrose coming in at 6, fully dressed, “Can we go eat breakfast?” Monica screaming from her bed “Is it morning yet?!!!” The baby, still right beside me screaming because, well she doesn’t talk and that’s what a 20 month old says when she’s woken up at 6am. And if I could drink I’d be right there with you. 🙂 But instead I have multiple bowls of ice cream. It does get better, right??!!!??

  2. #3: Actually, I think you have the short end of the stick. Yes, we have a morning routine and all that to get Daniel off to his ABA preschool class but after I walk him to school (during which I may or may not be wearing pajama bottoms), I have the option of putting jammies back on and going to sleep. (I’m not exercising that option as much as I used to but I do have it.) I also have stuff laid out so that I don’t actually have to get up before 7:40 most days (to be out of the house by 8).

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