{SQT} Link-toberfest, the Finale

Welcome to the end of October! The month that always kicks my butt a little harder than the rest every year.

seven quick takes friday 2

1.But why should you care? You might have won one of my awesome Link-toberfest prize packs!!!

Blogger Prize Pack #1 Winner: Jen from Into Your Will

Blogger Prize Pack #2 Winner: Ann-Marie from Ulczynski Update

Reader Prize Pack #1 Winner: Kathy H.

Reader Prize Pack #2 Winner: Ali Aguilar

Winners can expect an email from me today (Friday, Oct. 30) with information on collecting their prizes.

2.Thanks to everyone who linked up, commented and spread the love during Link-toberfest. There’s just one more prize: have you ever wanted to host Seven Quick Takes? Have you ever dreamed about inviting tons of bloggers over to your space to hang out, chat about the week and share the most interesting tidbits from the web? Now’s your chance! Bloggers interested in hosting Seven Quick Takes sometime within the next two months can leave a comment below or email me answering the question, “Why I would make the bestest Quick Takes host next to Kelly or Jen…”. A winner and runner-up will be selected from the entries. I’m so excited to outsource my work! …I mean, read your answers!!!

3.We’re taking a break from school this week and rather than enjoying the time off, I’m frantically trying to finish everyone’s Halloween costumes. On one hand, I really enjoy creating Halloween costumes from scratch, but on the other it’s taking up every free moment of my time. People keep sending me pictures of all these great wheelchair costumes and I’m like, people please, if the little boys want to be Batman and a skeleton GOD BLESS THEM. The last thing I’m going to do is try to convince them to make my life even harder. “Sure Fulton, Mama has the hours of 1 to 4 a.m. open. I’d love to construct a Fred Flintstone Car around your chair!”

But seriously, thank you for thinking of me and my family, and know that I’ve saved every article and picture for future reference…but now please stop.

4. My oldest son Byron’s birthday is also October 29th, so I usually have to stop costume assembly long enough to mark this momentous occasions. This year, he officially became taller than his older sister. It was great (for him, not so much for Addie, though she hopes to make a comeback) except that he’s already outgrown every. single. pair. of pants I bought him six months ago. When he’s heading into Mass in what appears to be capris, I know it’s time to bite the bullet and go shopping…again. 

5. This is the first year I’m looking forward to rolling the clocks back. First, there’s been some excellent memes.

Second, I cannot roll out of bed at a reasonable hour lately and I’m really hoping that from Sunday forward I’ll be able to jump out of bed at six like a boss. …and yet somehow manage to keep the kids asleep.

6. Oh! That’s right, on Sunday I also have to jump up early to create last-minute saint costumes for my parish’s All Saints Day party! Tony did say he’d take charge of the little boys costumes so, fingers crossed there. Right now Teddy is asking to be Saint Deadpool which is a comic book character I’ve never let him read or watch. I think we’re trying to convince him of the merits of St. Sebastian. If you’re looking for actual suggestions try Mary. 

7. Last week’s bonus question was “What was your most popular Quick Take’s post?”. Many answered, but Bobbi and Rosie devoted their posts to a great selection of their Takes. If you’re not already readers of their blogs, click over and get a good sampling from each.

Now you know the drill, let’s end this ‘fest with a bang! Link up below and remember to include a link back to this post in your Takes so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts! (And FYI; this link up stays open until next Thursday; late posts are always welcome!!)


  1. Oh, I’m with you-I am SO EXCITED for the time change, it’s ridiculous! I’ve never been excited about it before, but for the past week or so, I have been having the hardest time getting out of bed!! Sunday shall be a glorious day for so many reasons-among them, saints and sleep! 🙂

    Haha, I hope the costumes go well. I’m a bit amused that Teddy wants to be Deadpool, and hopefully y’all can convince him on the St. Sebastian thing. I haven’t seen anything Deadpool except for the movie trailer (which I could have definitely lived without seeing!), but St. Sebastian seems to surpass him by miles. Good luck with that!

  2. Well, I know that I could never be as good and “cool” as you and Jen, but I can mange to make anything into a seven quick takes. I figure since I have completely exploited both of your efforts by linking up my break-the-post-into-seven-paragraphs-with-numbers-above-each-one-so-someone-will-read-it-thanks-to-the-link-up posts, I can certainly provide the same service to other struggling bloggers who want to be in the big leagues with bloggers so famous, they can go by just their first name. Also, since I keep saying that I will blog more in the accountability group, this may be the swift kick in the pants I need.

  3. Ain’t nobody got time for making costumes! It puts me in such a state of anxiety that I just don’t do it. I have gone from breaking the bank with readymade costumes to turning it all over to my 12 year old who loves it. They turn out pretty doofy, but they have fun ?

  4. I would love to host 7 quick takes sometime! But as for a good reason…well…I always participate, and I have never sent you Halloween costume suggestions (is that good for something?). Oh, and I’m on the East Coast like you are, which makes it easier for people to link up. And it would be the most excitement my blog has ever seen! Do they have to be good reasons?

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