{SQT} Link-toberfest!

On October 2, 2008 my friend and blogger Jennifer Fulwiler hit ‘Publish’ on the very first Seven Quick Takes post at her blog Conversion Diary. A few weeks later on November 14, 2008 she made it a link up for all the cool blogging cats to join.

In honor of SEVEN years of continuous SEVEN Quick Takes, we’re going to party like it’s 2008 all month!

seven quick takes friday 2

Enjoy this sweet playlist as you read along!

1.Forty bloggers linked up with Jen on that Friday so many years ago. Back in the days before iPads, Pinterest and Instagram, it’s amazing that so many people could pull themselves away from ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ long enough to write. I clicked through the whole list and found that while ten bloggers where still writing, the remainder of blogs had gone dormant, were no longer available or had been acquired by an Indonesian company selling cheap imports (exports?? I can’t be sure since I don’t read Indonesian.)

2. I only recognized a few of the bloggers, and none had linked up to Quick Takes in recent history (but I don’t hold it against them.)

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Sarah at Snoring Scholar

Catherine at A Spirited Mind

Elizabeth Esther

Melanie at A Wine Dark Sea

Jessica at Homemaking Through the Church Year

Melanie at Springs of Joy Homeschooling

The Duchy of Burgundy Carrots

Angela at Three Plus Two

Teri at I May Be Overthinking This

Stop by! Tell ’em hi and thank them for being the hipsters of Seven Quick Takes.

3. My first Quick Takes post was on March 3, 2012, and was titled ‘Bullets to Balls‘. I’d only been blogging a week and when my stats jumped into the double digits, I got really excited. Jen herself had tweeted my post! It’s amazing she even found it since I didn’t actually link up. For some reason, I didn’t officially join until my April 13th post. Thank goodness I understand InLinkz better now.

4. As a new blogger, the Seven Quick Takes link up was how I found and made friends. Everybody, and I mean everybody, linked up on Fridays. If you scroll through my blogroll, most of the blogs listed I found through Quick Takes. Today, the Quick Takes link up is how I discover new bloggers and catch up with my favorites. Quick Take bloggers are their own community; a great and supportive one at that.

5. Β So let’s celebrate everyone and everything that make Quick Takes so great!!! Today kicks off Link-toberfest! (You can thank my husband for the catchy name.) Every Friday this month will feature Quick Take bloggers old and new, favorite Quick Take posts and a huge giveaway for bloggers and readers! I have four collections of prizes; two for bloggers and two for readers. They contain all sorts of great items from fellow bloggers (Quick Takers!) and crafters!

Books! The Best Laid Plans Planner, Rosaries Aren’t Just for Teething, The Little Oratory, Teaching in Your Tiara, Head and Heart, Catholic Through the Year 2016 Calendar, Don’t You Forget About Me, Through the Year With Mary

Art! from Rakstar Designs, Hatch Prints, Catholic All Year, and With Joy Calligraphy

And more! Blogging Consultation, a child’s bedroom banner, a pocket rosary, Rosary Roses, Budget Binder Printable Pack, a Faith and Fabric Design pattern, Call Her Happy necklace or book, and a Lila Rose hair accessory.

6. THE FINE PRINT!! This is how it will work; link up your blog for an entry. Link up a Seven Quick Takes post every week between now and October 23 for up to four chances. Readers, leave a comment for an entry. Leave comments here every Friday between now and October 23 for up to four chances. Bloggers, for a bonus entry, answer the featured question in your takes each week, and leave a comment here so I know. Readers, for a bonus entry, Tweet me @kellymantoan with your favorite Takes of the week, up to four times between now and October 29th.Β Winners will be selected at random and announced in the October 30th Quick Takes.

The featured questions for each week are:

Oct.2-8 When did you post your first Seven Quick Takes? Be sure to include a link!

Oct. 9-15 How many Seven Quick Takes posts have you written?

Oct. 16-22 Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Seven Quick Takes?

Oct. 23-29 What was your favorite, or most popular, Seven Quick Takes post?

7. Now go forth and link up! And click through! And comment! Encourage all your blogging friends to get back into the Quick Takes habit, if just for one month. (Never underestimate peer pressure!) I’m going to work extra hard to read as many posts as possible and comment more frequently. Find a post or blog you really enjoy? Be sure to share it! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to learn my favorite reads throughout Link-toberfest. It’s going to be the Catholic blog-o-sphere’s biggest party, just in time to stave off Papal visit withdrawal!

You know the drill! Link up below and be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Seven Quick Takes… and of course, the awesomeness of the Link-toberfest!


  1. That Thursday night when you have your Quick Takes done on time and then get caught up in cleaning the kitchen so that someone beats you to linking up as the first person!

    My first Quick Takes post was on April 8, 2011 and had to do with rules from one’s pastor’s wife (me). The link is: http://grace-filled.net/?p=2608

  2. Knowing the history of 7 QT makes for very enjoyable blog reading! What a fun idea for the “Link-tober Fest”! My first 7 QT was when I shared my Lenten traditions on Feb. 28, 2014: http://www.asliceofsmithlife.com/2014/02/ash-wednesday-lenten-traditions-and.html

    Since the post I linked up this week was a review and giveaway, (Link up #3) linking up my first 7QT in my post would sound too random and awkward, so I’ll just link it here in the comments instead πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting the 7 QT party and walk down memory lane!

  3. My very first Quick Takes post was on June 28, 2013. http://catholicfire.blogspot.com/2013/06/7-quick-takes-friday-vol-222.html

    Although I had been blogging for 10 years, I had no idea of what 7 Quick Takes was all about. I recommended the movie Monster’s Inc., linked up to my blog posts blog posts Best Books for Catholic Women 2013 and Seven Great Books for Summer Reading, and discussed how we spent our 21st wedding anniversary, among other topics. It was fun, so I decided to stick with it.

  4. I am ridiculously excited about all this. Not least because when I posted my first quick take:


    I was clearly so sleep deprived I was rejoicing that I only had to get up ten times in the night or something. And currently I’m not. But seriously, such a wonderful opportunity to reminisce, reflect on personal and family changes and growth, shed a tear or three, and celebrate! Thank you.

  5. 7 years of 7 quick takes! No wonder we are celebrating! I posted for the first time on Feb. 22, 2013–the same day Kendra did. I talked about faux fur then, as I did today, and also confession, adoption, the purse I didn’t buy, and my love for fish sticks. Suddenly I feel so redundant since most of those topics are in today’s post too–well, except for the fish sticks.


    Thank you for hosting, Kelly, and giving us a chance to celebrate!

  6. I love the Quick Takes. I have discovered new blogs that I now follow. Honestly, I could lose an entire day reading through them (because, of course, I start with the Quick Takes, but then I see something else that looks interesting and before I know it the kids are wondering if we will ever eat again!). Thanks for telling us the history!

  7. Here I was planning to share a 20-week Bumpdate today, but you made this offer way too hard to resist! My first SQT was 12/6/13, and you can head over to my blog to see more!

  8. Such a fun idea for a quick takes-aversery!! Answered the question of the week in my post, but didn’t make it an actual “take” since I fully read this post *after* I made my post…. so does that count?

  9. Second week participating and answered the question on my page which is linked up above πŸ™‚ Thank you for hosting, I was really excited to find this after Kendra’s “Answer Me This” series ended

  10. So, I wrote them yesterday, but finally linked up today. But I did mention in my post about my first time August 2012 and I did tag you on FB yesterday. Oh, life with a new baby. πŸ™‚ Thanks for being an awesome host!

  11. I just linked up the first QT I ever did…and it was when Hallie, not Jen was hosting. I thought that was weird! Anyway, it was June 24, 2011. Love this Link-tober idea!

  12. Oops. I just realized I forgot to leave my comment even though I linked up! My first 7 Quick Takes post appeared June 14, 2013. πŸ™‚

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