Lucky 2013 And Seven Resolutions I’ve Already Broken

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 minutes of uninterrupted time at the computer to type up by belated quick takes – GO!

Coming up with resolutions geared towards healthy, well-organized deep spiritual who-ha are hard to formulate while the household is still in Christmas vacation mode. Namely, it’s just loud and chaotic here with our meal plan consisting of sandwiches, cereal and chocolate, sometimes all in one sitting.

But come Monday, it’s going to be all business. I’m thinking of introducing revelry just to let the kids know I’m serious. While I ponder that and other tortuous modes of efficiency, I present my very vague list of New Years resolutions. Thirteen is my lucky number so I’m confident not only will I accomplish all of these items by May, but I might just become a rock star.

1. Start writing that book I keep yakking about. Or maybe I’ll just get my toes wet with an e-book devoted to my homeschooling version of Dale Carnegie’s classic. I’m thinking “How to Win Over Your Children and Influence them to Finish Their School Work.”

2. Pray more; specifically….anything. There’s lots of room for improvement here as my confessor will tell you. (Or actually he won’t so I don’t know why I’m spilling the beans.) I have a really hard time reading “great spiritual classics”, except the Rule of St. Benedict, so I think I’ll reread that and focus on building my schedule around prayer, rather than the other way around. It sounds nice doesn’t it? We’ll see how it goes.

3. I’m AWESOME at making schedules, less so at sticking with them. It doesn’t help that we rarely have a typical week around here. But I’m going to buckle down and try to create some sort of plan for our day that allows for the occasional catastrophe. First thing that jumps out at me is adopting sundial time. So long as we’re up when the sun is low, eat when it’s high and are in bed when it’s dark, everything else is gravy.

4. I want to travel to the Outer Banks. I’m going to plan a lengthy vacation we can’t afford on the off-chance we win the lottery. Otherwise I’m thinking of creating the dream hobo getaway. I’ll tie it into a unit on the Great Depression and we’re all set.

5. My new schedule will allow blogging when the moon is waxing or waning but seriously, I need to lay off the social media. I can’t have the kids thinking my iPod and incessant email checking is more important than their Star Wars diorama or Barbie knotted hair crisis part 72. “Sure Edie, I’d love to clean the Play Dough out of Baby Alive’s digestive tract, again.I’m not busy at all.”

6. Find some physical activity we can do regularly as a family. We all hate running. I’m thinking walking or competitive eating.  I envision one day doing some lengthy something to raise money or awareness for a good cause but there’s nothing active I can stand doing for more than 10 minutes, although I’d risk carpal tunnel for the right foundation. “24 hours of typing for SMA Awareness!”….or maybe not.

7. I’ve noticed some bloggers are adopting a word of the year. I thought about it and nothing really jumped out at me but the idea of a 2013 logo firmly planted itself in my head and wouldn’t leave until I immortalized its graphic awesomeness. Behold, my logo for the coming year;

2013 logo
She looks like a multi-tasker to me.

  When you’re done coveting my logo, be sure to drop by Hallie and the rest of the Quick Take linkers. Then remember to say a prayer for Jen, her unborn son and her whole family. In fact, why not do that first? That’s a resolution we can all agree on.


  1. I love the new blog look! Did you do the chalk art yourself? If so, please consider a career at Jamba Juice.

    And competitive eating sounds like a great family pastime! If you’re looking for something beyond that (don’t know why you would, but just in case), you can try family dance parties. Our family really digs them. Hubby sets up Spotify or Pandora on the computer, we turn of the lights in the living room and go crazy for 30 minutes or so. Fun!

    P.S. I am scared of your graphic.

    1. My kids mock my dancing, in fact I dance to annoy them so, at least for now, I think the dance parties would frighten them away from participating in a family fitness activity. But if I could get a strobe light and fog machine, it might work.

  2. You are a comic genius. Please move next door to me. Also, can you design me a logo for 2013? Nevermind, I will just steal yours….

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