{SQT} May Goodness

Happy May! Who else is ready for school to be over?!? Who else is counting down the days???

Our godson received his First Holy Communion on Saturday. We snapped some pictures outside afterwards and celebrated with dinner at Applebee’s.

It’s nice that even though our children have already all passed this milestone, we can still help celebrate in a special way with our godchildren. Our goddaughter will make her First Holy Communion in five years and when I think about how old all my kids will be by then…

Monday I decided to bag school and take the younger three for a hike in the woods, a library trip, a drive through lunch, and finally we watched a bunch more of Kenneth Branagh’s FOUR HOUR long version of Hamlet. We’re still not done watching it, but thankfully it’s a wonderful production. Since there was some educational discussion amidst everything, I’m counting it as at least a half day.

I wanted to hit the beach on Tuesday, but decided against it. Ultimately, I wanted to relax on the beach but Tony could only come with if we went in the evening – and rain was forecasted. And trying to get everyone on the beach has hit a new hurdle now that Teddy needs his own mood of beach transportation. I’m not sure if we want to get a whole second beach chair like Fulton has, if we want to try to modify one of our medical stroller with balloon wheels, or I’m sort of toying with the idea of modifying an old powerchair into a motorized beach chair. Currently, we’ve tried squeezing him on the beach chair with Fulton, or dragging him across the sand in a medical stroller – neither of which is easy or works well. Anyway, I really didn’t know how I would be able to get everyone on the beach and keep them entertained in a way that would be relaxing for me, so I decided against it. I’m hoping that in the next week or so, Tony can take a half day and we can enjoy the beach all together before the crowds rush in. It’s made me really appreciate all the times I took the kids to the beach when it was easy for me. I have ZERO regrets for all the previous last minute field trips to visit “salt water ecosystems”.

I found a throw blanket of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the clearance section of Walmart for $3 on Wednesday.

It goes great in the living room next to our Mary shrine. I’d never set up a special Marian altar just for May before but, I like to think of us as over the top Catholics so, what was I waiting for?? Thankfully, Addie and Edie were able to maximize the holiness by adding *almost* every statute of Mary they both own.

Speaking of Mary, don’t forget my 31 Days of Mary posts (all 18 of them!) and the Ten Virtues of Mary series (all of which are linked to in my post).

How was your week? Write down some Takes then link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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