{SQT} Memorials, Side Bangs and Prayer Requests

Usual miscellany this week.

1. First, let us stop to pause and remember the great bat tragedy of March 30, 2013, an evening that will forever live in infamy. When a large 13 pound bat emerged from the attic of our house to terrorize me while the children slept and Tony was off at our church’s 18+ hour Easter Vigil Mass. Despite asking my Facebook friends for help, or to drive to church to retrieve my husband, I was left alone to lay screaming like a little girl on the floor of my living room while the bat swooshed in, baring it’s teeth and squeeling that high-pitched bat scream at me while I helplessly waved a broom handle in all the wrong directions. Finally, my brother-in-law came to rescue me, but ALAS! it was too late and the bat was hidden, already plotting it’s next diabolical move. I was forced to sleep in the bathroom until the bat appeared again, late in the night. Thankfully, my husband was home to take of the intruder. Let us not forget this tragedy, lest we become complacent and forget that bats are evil creatures that will stop at nothing to destroy the peace and sanctity of your home!! Forever and ever, amen.

2. Last Friday Edie and I went for eye exams. Edie was disappointed she didn’t need glasses and I was looking forward to purchasing new frames, not realizing Edie has very strong feeling about what sort of glasses her mama should wear. She detested my first choice and kept trying to push a pair of hot pink frames with a weird floral motif on me. We compromised on a pair that met my criteria by being lighter in the front, and her criteria by having a crystal jewel thingy on the side. When I told the technician I was all set, he exclaimed “That was fast!” And I was like yeah, usually I don’t come in here with a critic. Usually I like to try on all the styles and enjoy checking out sassy Kelly, or hipster Kelly, or intellectual Kelly in the mirrors but, for once, bringing a child with me speed up the process and I was ready to check out.

3. Afterwards we went for haircuts. I opted for a style with side bangs after the hairstylist assured me I could pull off a side bang if I parted my hair JUST SO. (I haven’t had bangs since middle school when they were carefully sculpted with Salon Selectives.) I’m about 90 percent in love with the cut, while the other 10 percent of me keeps swatting at my head exclaiming “WHY IS THERE ALL THIS HAIR IN MY FACE?!? HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS?!” I also find myself occasionally walking with my head tilted to the side to keep the bangs out of my face. But when I go out I like to pretend people think I look very stylish and put together, since the cut looks nice days after washing it, vs the greasy up do I was resorting to as of late.  It’s almost too nice of a haircut to wear around the house, like, if I’m not donning a blazer and slacks, what right do I have to this nice hair cut? But then the bangs hit me in the eyes and I remember it’s Lent and it’s all good.

4. Sunday we went to Red Lobster to use a gift card that, surprise!, only had a few dollars left on it. But it was a fabulous meal that we all enjoyed, despite the fact that we would not let Fulton eat the largest lobster they had in the display tank. I wish more restaurants had lobster tanks in the lobby. (But not little koi ponds like that one sushi place I loved until my kids practically fell in the pond trying to manhandle the fish.) I wonder if I could create a game called “pretend to be a lobster” where one puts rubber bands on their children’s hands, shoves them in a small box together and tells them to sit quietly until selected for dinner. Somebody try this with their kids and let me know how it goes.

5. Recently I noticed that Ginny of Small Things, decided to retire her popular link up Yarn Along. Although I never joined because me + yarn = knots and cursing, it got me to thinking about the link ups I remember when I started blogging. Of course there’s 7 Quick Takes which Jen bestowed upon me, but Haley’s Five Favorite’s is gone, so is Fine Linen and Purple’s What I Wore Sunday (UPDATE: I was reminded this has morphed into My Sunday Best over at A Blog for My Mom.), and {pretty, happy, funny, real} is on hiatus at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Five years ago, I would blog at least three times a week, usually to link up to some of those sites. The majority of my posts were written for link ups. But now I wonder, is the link up dying out? Why are fewer people linking up? Do you have any favorite link ups to share? Share your thoughts in the comments. (For the record, I have no plans to retire Quick Takes, but I do wonder if there’s something else that’s replacing link ups in the blogging world.)

6. The kids have also started coming down with a nasty bug. Unlike what I had earlier, they’re all coughing up a storm. I feel awful for them, but persistent coughing drives me up a wall, so I’ve been in a jolly good mood. It started with Addie last week and she still has a bit of a lingering cough but it’s not slowing her down. Byron and Edie picked it up at some point but after a day of rest, seem to go on their merry way, albeit with occasional fits of coughing. Teddy got sick over the weekend and it’s been rough for him ever since. He seemed to improve Wednesday, but Thursday all the symptoms came back with a vengeance so our days revolve around breathing treatments and checking his temperature and O2 readings. Teddy has never been hospitalized, he’s always fought off infections like the older three, but this one is taking its toll. Fulton, thus far, is not sick, but I can’t see how we’ll keep him healthy considering Teddy is driving around projectile coughing. In a house our size with this many people, and considering the boys share our only downstairs bedroom, it’s really hard to quarantine anyone. So please spare a prayer, or several, that Teddy does not get worse and that Fulton does not get sick.

7. Also related to Fulton and Teddy; we received word a little while back that their insurance company will start covering Spinraza  on April 1. However, based on the company’s criteria, it looks like Teddy’s treatments will qualify for coverage while Fulton’s will not, due to the fact that Fulton uses a bi-pap at night to help him breathe. We are not eligible for any financial aid from the drug manufacturer because the boys receive their insurance through the government (NJ Family Care). The cost for the initial four doses (given within a couple of months) is $750,000 with follow-up doses needed every four months, for life, at a cost of $150,000 each (per child). Once we get the official approval/ denial letters in April we will appeal and go from there. This is another area we could use some prayers. I’d really like to get this resolved ASAP because, (besides receiving this awesome treatment) knowing when they will start Spinraza will determine the dates for lots of other follow-up appointments and such.

How was your week? Write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. Hello Kelly~ I would just love to see a picture of you in your new haircut if you would like to share one!

  2. I remember loving the What I wore Sundays waaaaaay back in the day! Prayers for the health of your crew! We had something similar a few weeks ago and the barrels of snot lasted a long time..

      1. Not sure I can ever forgive you. I mean, it isn’t like you have anything going on in your life. Ever. 😉

        But seriously, praying for Fulton and Teddy.

  3. I want to see your hair cut as well. I haven’t had bangs in a few years and most recently I told my husband when I start talking about going for them again, to remind me how much I hated them the last time. Hanging in my face, needing styling and extra washing, making me look 5,rather than grown up and cool. Your stylist must be awesome.

  4. I’ve been wondering what makes linkups less popular these days, too – part of it is that a lot of people aren’t blogging anymore or are blogging a lot less, micro-blogging on Instagram or Facebook? instead. Or they’re finding community somewhere else? More people participate in my linkup via Instagram than blogs – it just takes so long to get an actual blog post written!

    Prayers for Fulton and Teddy, especially insurance issues!!

  5. The bat caper….I remember laughing and laughing…not at you, but with you, mind you. As a kid I always walked by the lobster tank at Red Lobster and secretly had the desire to let them all out…just to see what would happen. “Lobsters unite, break your chains….or, uh, rubberbands.”

  6. So many prayers for health and insurance issues.
    I was working at a parish once, and having a sleepover for just girl ministry… it was me, another adult and 20 young women.
    A bat flew in the parish.
    What ensued following was sheer at utter chaos.
    there’s film to prove it, which is VERY VERY unfortunate.

  7. I tell my girls that bangs are a sorrow every woman has to learn for herself. Best of luck, Kelly. Hopefully they won’t keep getting caught in the little hinge in your new glasses.

  8. Your fans demand pictures!!!!

    Dying laughing at the lobster children idea. And will be praying that all the insurance stuff gets worked out for treatment for the boys and for health since this virus is hitting your house! <3

  9. I miss all the link-ups, too! There used to be so many I’d link one post to three different places, and that’s how I met some of my favorite bloggy friends, many of whom I have now met IRL, which is always such a surreal experience!

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