{SQT} Missed and Anticipated Trips

The mid-Lent slump has struck; hopefully soon to be alleviated by our first trip to the beach since last summer. The week in a quick seven:

{1} Monday evening our nephew was confirmed in VA. Distance meant only Tony, Edie and Byron could attend, but Tony was glad to be a sponsor and find one more reason to rock his liturgically appropriate red power tie.

{2} I spent Monday finally organizing the last of the boxes tossed in our basement storage area. Now I walk down there just to look at the shelves lined with organized containers…all which still need labels. However, I know where everything is and can just “get it my damn self” any time the need arises. Our Lego collection is still the one thing I’m not quiet sure what to do with. I moved most of the bricks into the boys room, however three boxes of carefully packed completed sets are still in the basement. No one wants to get rid of the sets, but yet, no one knows where to display any of them. All of my suggestions (the trash, the yard, the Goodwill donation bin) keep getting shot down so I’ll keep you updated as the saga unfolds.

{3} Tuesday my great-aunt was laid to rest (after a long joyful life, and a peaceful death surrounded by family in her home) and I sadly could not be present because Tony was still out of town and our van lift was still in for service. We knew we put off servicing the lift for too long, but even we were surprised when the shop called and asked if our van had been sitting in water because of the level of rust on many of the parts. Needless to say, repairs took longer than expected so I was homebound for a bit, which thankfully was easier to bear with a grocery store and library within walking distance. But missing the service was tough.

{4} I took Addie and Byron for non-driver photo IDs Tuesday night and gave them both their first taste of the joy that is getting a photo ID at the motor vehicle commission. Crazy people, rude employees, bad photos; they got to experience it all! Thankfully I had all the paperwork in order so we didn’t need to stand in line and then return later because I forgot something.

{5} The IDs are in preparation for them to take a placement test at our local community college. Both will be taking classes there next year. While we enjoyed our experience with Queen of Heaven, Addie wanted to try classes outside their offerings, and Byron will be able to pursue his interest in digital art in a way not possible here at home. I’m sure by this time next year I’ll have some grumps about it, but they’re looking forward to it, as am I, assuming Addie will get her license REALLY REALLY SOON so I’m not driving them back and forth 2,409,220 times a day.

{6} On Wednesday we learned my uncle passed away unexpectedly. It was a huge shock to our family and at the time of this writing, I still don’t know anything about arrangements. In your kindness, if you would remember he and his family in your prayers, I would appreciate it.

{7} This weekend is the Ocean City Con. That means costumes, comics, toys, and the chance to meet LaVar Burton. Some people in my family are excited because Geordie La Forge! But I’m all like READING RAINBOW!!!!!

Even thought it’s a smaller event, pictures with LeVar require a kidney donation and pint of plasma, so I’m not sure if we’ll mange to get one, but perhaps I’ll tackle him at the stage door and snap a quick selfie while screaming “YOU’RE THE REASON I DISCOVERED STEVEN KELLOGG BOOKS! I LOVE YOU!!”

How was your week? Sum it up in seven and link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. I’m so sorry about your losses. Not being able to attend the funeral of someone you love and losing another family member unexpectedly in one week…so hard. You and your family are in my prayers.

    And Ocean City Con sounds amazing. I sort of want to sell some plasma and throw the kids in the car and come.

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