{SQT} No Party But Celebrating No Surgery For Now

And just like that, it’s the end of June and Fulton gets ready to turn 12 on Sunday. It seems weird, because for so much of the quarantine, it felt as if time was standing still. But, time marches on, and already the days are getting shorter.

Missing from this June is our annual Nativity of St. John the Baptist party. Last year was our tenth, and the first at our new house. The last week has been much calmer than usual as there’s been no need to clean up the house and yard, plan a menu, pick up supplies, etc. (So much less freaking out on my part all around, for which everyone is grateful.) Instead, on the vigil of the feast, we had a small bonfire in our backyard pit, ate strawberry shortcake, and prayed Vespers as a family. It was different, but not bad, and at this point, we’re hoping to hold a Michaelmas party in the fall.

Teddy went to Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia the next day for a spine check. Everything looked good, and so the back surgery can gets kicked further down the road. We’ll pick up new orthotics in four weeks, and have another follow up in six months. By that point, Teddy will have hit the ten year mark, and we’ll see if it’s prudent to pursue surgery at that point (as we needed to do with Fulton) or if the back brace will continue to support him as he grows.

Final reminder; get your 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle until midnight tonight (6/26). Lots of good stuff, and click through to see a video of me with my awkwardly grown-out pixie discussing how this bundle has already helped me with a major homemaking issue we were having. TLDR; lots of resources, less than $30, money back guarantee. CLICK CLICK.

And that’s really all from me this week. I spent a lot of time compiling info for my Summer Fun email series, and while I’m glad I pulled everything together, I’m sort of done with writing for the week (and I still have an ebook to finish). Despite making a resolution to NOT say yes to things, I’m very good at creating more work for myself in the way of side projects. But after this, nothing else. NOTHING! Then my calendar will be free for a second round of book edits when the time comes….hopefully August or so?? I explained to my editor that I’d be homeschooling Fulton in the fall and my writing time would be cut significantly, so short deadlines would be VERY BAD. It shouldn’t be a problem, so long as I don’t undertake anything else between now and then.

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    1. Teddy will still need surgery- I updated the title to reflect that- but the longer we can put it off the better. Selfishly I want to put it off for another year or two because I’m just not ready to go through the whole spine surgery undertaking and recovery yet. But at this point we’re still hopefully looking at just one surgery for fusion vs multiple which is really the reason to celebrate; the need for only one surgery.

  1. Good to hear that the boys are doing well.

    Also, I think your pixie cut is growing out quite nicely. Are you growing your hair out for good or are you just between cuts? I had a pixie cut in my late high school/early college days and while I loved it, keeping it that short requires more maintenance than I could sustain. I cut it myself for a while (probably not a great idea but hey, it was college and if that’s the worst thing 19-year-old me did, that’s okay) and when I grew it out seem to remember a very awkward phase in which my head looked like a Christmas tree… you’re looking good, though, so keep it up!

    1. Thankfully I had decided pre-quarantine to grow it out so I wasn’t forced into it. I enjoyed it, but ultimately I want my long hair back. I am growing through a weird growing out phase that I’ve only exasperated by my own attempts at trimming. I’m going to be embarrassed to go back to my stylist at this point.

  2. “I’m very good at creating more work for myself in the way of side projects.” Oh my, that really sounds like yours truly. Why do we do that to ourselves?!

    Good to know that your boys are holding up, health-wise. Surely, you will be up to an enjoyable summer break, which every one needs given everything that has been happening around the world!

    I really like the idea of celebrating/doing a vigil for a feast by sharing a simple meal outdoors then praying the Vespers together. Actually, I’d like to copy that idea, if you don’t mind :). Or maybe, during our birthdays of wedding anniversary, the hubby and I can have coffee outside the house and pray the Lauds at daybreak…

    Stay well and safe.

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