{SQT} On the Road

Greetings Quick Takers and happy Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist! The Church only celebrates three birthdays a year, and St. John’s is a great reason to bust out some strawberry shortcake and a bonfire.

I’ve been so busy prepping for my talk at the IHM Conference in Fredricksburg, VA, I didn’t get any Takes written for this week. But, if you’re just DYING to know what’s going on, look for me on Instagram and Facebook where I’ll be oversharing everything from the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who’s already purchased a copy of my new book ‘A Worthy Reception’, and welcome to all the listeners from The Jennifer Fulwiler Show. I promise that usually, there’s a lot more funny action around here then there’s been of late. Check ‘Start Here’ for some examples.

How’s your week been? Don’t hesitate to write it down and then link it up below! I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. Good luck at the conference! I don’t know if your kids are with you but there’s a totally awesome, brand new, completely accessible park in North Richmond (not too too far from Fredericksburg) called Arc Park that we just went to last week and I was thinking about how much you all would like it. Would be worth a day trip if you have the family in tow!

  2. Happy Solemnity!!!!!! I hope that you enjoy eating ALL the meat and delicious food today 🙂

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