{SQT} Out Like a Lamb, or a Lion?

Seven Quick Takes / Friday, March 18th, 2016

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These last couple weeks have really been kicking my butt. I was starting to feel overwhelmed with life before our escape to the shore, but since coming back, I’ve felt like I’ve been slipping more and more behind in everything. As usual, this makes me feel like a pretty lousy person because there are oodles of other people in this world with a lot on their plates and they accomplish tons of stuff; why can’t I pull it together and get stuff done? Why, after all the books and productivity hacks, am I still unable to achieve my goals? This usually sets me up for envy, jealously and anger. After hitting up Confession this week, I still felt pretty down so I thought perhaps I needed to spend the next two weeks offline. I took the fact that the laptop died as confirmation. (Don’t worry, we had already decided to put part of our tax return towards a new laptop so I won’t have to steal time on the family desktop for too long.) In hindsight (and a scroll through my archives), I know I usually hit a wall in March after muscling through winter and our second school trimester. I don’t know whether to feel relief that it’s common for me to feel frustrated this time of year (so I know it will pass) or even more upset because here I am, still not getting stuff done and not being as productive as I could be.

That means after today, no link up until April 1st…which seems a fitting day for my return. To everyone who has posted questions in response to an upcoming parenting post I’m working on about rules and consequences, I’ve read them and am working on trying to cover everything. However, it’s becoming a bear of a post and given that I’m in a funk, I’m not happy with the tone right now. I will continue to work on it and plan on publishing it (perhaps in two parts…with printables) after the 1st. You’ll have to keep dealing with your unruly kids until then.

Thanks to everyone who’s shared photos of Fulton; keep them coming! You can post them to my Facebook wall or tag me on IG. I’ll continue to share them. Lastly, please remember Fulton in your prayers; he’s developed a cold and every time I think he’s improving the amount of snot triples. I just CANNOT EVEN imagine a hospitalization right now.

So anyway, here’s some posts from the archives to help you through the coming weeks. Thanks for understanding, as usual, and for your continued prayers for my family and my sanity (and for theirs’, since they must put up with my moodiness). May you all enjoy a solemn Holy Week and joy-filled Easter!

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How are you preparing for Holy Week and Easter? Write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes! I look forward to reading your posts!


14 Replies to “{SQT} Out Like a Lamb, or a Lion?”

  1. Praying for Fulton. Get better, buddy!

    I have been feeling really overwhelmed by the internet too. I think it’s the combination of slacking on my Lenten plans and a general feeling of political frustration. I decided tonight to take Holy Week (and possibly the Easter Octave) off of Facebook. I know from experience that will be really really really good for me.

    Hugs and prayers for a blessed end to Lent, Triduum, and Easter to you.

  2. I am so sorry you’re having a rough time, if I were you I probably would have checked out a long time ago. I truly admire your strength, you have so much more on your plate than I and yet I’m feeling so much like you described. The only thing I can offer is what a priest recently told me and I’m sure you’ve heard before. Pray to love your cross, offer up the small annoyances and moments of despair, there is so much to merit for ourselves and others in that. I pray the true peace of Christ will fill your soul, Easter is almost here!

  3. What!!! You still haven’t managed to become a perfect human being 😉 Seriously though I would go with the acceptance that this happens about this time of the year. I just started to note down when I do feel happy and content – and that also seems to be cyclical! So it’s not all just me “making myself happy” or leading myself to the gloomy days. Part of it maybe, but what ever the situation, this too will pass.

    PS. First time commenting 🙂

  4. Maybe it’s something about the change of seasons. I’ve been overwhelmed by the constant demands of my kids lately to the point where the older ones have noticed my irritability.And envy? I did a whole post on THAT recently, too. Hope your break leaves you refreshed!

  5. I suffer from this same self-loathing illness frequently, and I rarely say this to myself, but for some reason when I read your post I was struck with the idea that maybe God doesn’t WANT you to be “productive” in the way YOU think you should be “productive” at this time of year? Maybe God thinks you should take more breaks, do the bare minimum, and rest. I have been bumping up against this idea frequently, that if something isn’t working out the way I think it should (If I am not working out the way I think I should!), maybe that’s because God is trying to show me I’ve got the wrong goals….? I will pray for you and Fulton and the whole Mantoan family!

  6. Hang in there! We all go through rough phases, but the great part is that it’s a phase and won’t last forever. God will bring you through it, and I find it fitting that your slump is hitting right around Holy Week! What a beautiful way to draw near to Christ (even if it makes you feel like banging your head against the wall sometimes lol). I’ll be praying for all of you, and that Fulton gets better!

  7. I think we as women always feel like we need to accomplish, accomplish. We don’t, as long as everyone is safe and fed and maybe you have a path through the house give yourself a break.

  8. Yeah…this is a place I land often. In fact I pretty much posted the same sort of thing to some friends on facebook yesterday. Offering mass for you today here shortly, ok? Hang in there.

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