{SQT} The Quickest Takes Plus A Popularity Contest

Seven Quick Takes / Friday, May 12th, 2017

It’s been a long week of STUFF here.

  1. First holy communion parties. (and trying to remember how much money you gave the older siblings of this year’s FHC class so you don’t create animosity at home.)
  2. Fencing tournaments and classes and general stabbery.
  4. Other random appointments inconveniently scheduled on the same day as long running well visits.
  5. Intense family participation in activities like making stop motion animation, and slime, a.k.a. my house is a dump.
  6. Oh…that’s right, family is coming to stay with us this weekend.
  7. An excellent book that I had to finish in record time so I could be done with it and complete other important stuff like ignoring the 2,325,052,452 emails in my inbox.

I know after a few weeks of long-winded posts, you’re pleased as punch to get some actual Quick Takes, admit it. Now it’s your turn. Please link up below and be sure to read all the other Quick Take bloggers. On Saturday morning I’ll update this post to feature the blogger who gets the most click-throughs today.

UPDATE: The blogger with the most click throughs thus far is Jodi at ‘the irreplaceable mother’.  She’s shares her physical and spiritual struggles after what was supposed to be a routine surgery in the #17 spot below.

I look forward to reading your posts!

13 Replies to “{SQT} The Quickest Takes Plus A Popularity Contest”

    1. HA! I actually have a post outlined, I just didn’t mentally have it in me last night to finish it up. All shall be revealed soon!!! Most likely in a post on Monday or Tuesday.

  1. None of our doctors offices have TVs and I can’t decide if I prefer it this way or not. The pediatrician’s office is so bad we just stay in the van and watch movies until we’re called in. We once made it all the way through Cinderella before they called -_-

  2. Oh, yes! “The dump.” End of the school year, projects, road trips, college student returning home, dog shedding his winter coat … I am so there with you, and have no idea where to start. And not too sure I’m all that concerned about it (although I will certainly care deeply when I want to have someone over to visit, I am sure.)

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