REAL Valentines For Today

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day and it seems all the world is cranking out paper hearts, love notes and frantically placing last-minute dinner reservations. Pinterest is awash in red and pink. Poor St. Valentine. What would he think of all this? First, his feast day is moved off the Church’s calendar. Second, his title of ‘Saint’ is dropped from most mentions of the day. Lastly, it’s hard to argue that the new “Valentine’s Day” is not just a Hallmark holiday that has succeeded in re-paganizing the feast of a holy priest and martyr.

Well I say no more! I’m doing away with all the fluff and cutesy distractions and getting back to the real St. Valentine’s day. I’m taking the focus away from the jewelry stores, chocolate manufactures and those who seek to profit off the memory of this great saint. This St. Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones you care by thinking of their eternal soul.








Now those are some Valentine’s cards Saint Valentine would be proud of I’m sure! If you’re still hankering some chocolate or roses, I feel sorry for the state of your soul. Lest I offend your delicate sensibilities any more, you may take those lovin’ feelings back to Jen and the rest of the Quick Takers. 

Download and print your own copies HERE and HERE. 

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  1. Hahaha…I think I’m content with wishing those around me a happy St Valentine’s Day to throw them a little off step….maybe next year Ill be ready to upgrade to the martyrdom package 🙂

  2. Thanks for providing me with the most ghetto-awesome Valentine’s Day card for my husband who otherwise was going to get a heart shaped piece of construction paper that I was planning on cutting later tonight, if I remembered. 😉

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