{SQT} San Antonio and Adulting

Okay, last week, I finished up my Quick Takes from a very comfy guest bedroom in San Antonio. This week, I am at home and trying to still catch up on everything that October brings. But, I’m not complaining because it’s all good stuff. Onto some pictures!

Friday, Addie and I spent the day exploring downtown San Antonio. Our host dropped us off at the cathedral and from there, we hit the river walk, before visiting the Alamo (because I’m pretty sure no American can visit San Antonio without visiting the Alamo: your Texan friends will hunt you down and hurt you otherwise). That night we ate at a great vegetarian restaurant (whose name I forget) before sitting outside The Pearl which is a place that everyone in San Antonio told us we should go (again, Texans have strong opinions on these things…it’s best not to argue). It’s a brewery turned hotel turned trendy shopping and hangout area. But in the evening, you can just sit outside and relax and sip wine, or in my case, a margarita.

San Antonio Cathedral from the outside. They project a light show on the facade most weekend evenings, but it was out of order while we were in town.
The altar, or retablo.
Addie on the River Walk.
Remember the Alamo!
Walking around San Antonio earns you the right to eat as much gelato as you can manage. Mine was ‘cream whiskey’ flavor.

Saturday we toured the University of the Incarnate Word campus, checked out the fencing facilities, and sampled a cafeteria meal. Addie admitted to liking it more than she thought and we both agreed it was a nice campus and it had good proximity to all the fun downtown stuff we had visited. So long as Addie maintains her overachieving oldest child GPA, she would stand to get a sizable academic scholarship. And if the NCAA deems her eligible, there could be an athletic scholarship in it for her as well. The biggest downside we both saw was the distance from home.

The University mascot is a cardinal, which is the least threatening of all the mascots. Addie’s opponents should know she fences more aggressively than a cardinal.

Last week, several readers pointed out that Notre Dame has a fencing program too. The reason they are not on our list right now is that their fencing teams are the national champions (or have been recently). Addie is NOT going to get recruited by Notre Dame for fencing, or any other well known Division I schools. She loves fencing, but she’s just not at that level. So we’re trying to look at schools where she will get the opportunity to compete and maybe even get an athletic scholarship, and that’s not going to happy at many of the Div I schools you’ve heard of. We did learn of another small Catholic Div I school in Detroit that we’re looking into, and since I did manage to get all her NCAA paperwork submitted early this week, hopefully we’ll have a better sense of what’s feasible in the next couple weeks.

Teddy turned NINE on Tuesday. We celebrated with Tony’s parents and I dropped off cupcakes for his class. We’ll celebrate with my parents on Sunday. I also shared a loving post on Facebook on his big day so I feel like I’ve done all that’s reasonable for my fifth child. I love you Teddy!

This weekend (which includes Friday and Monday since the boys are off school) contains Fulton’s birthday trip to NYC (which will be detailed in next weeks takes-spoiler, IT DIDN’T GO AS PLANNED!), our town’s CLocKtoberfest (which combines my love of German festivals and clever word play), Teddy’s b-day celebration, and the marking of Tony and I’s 18th wedding anniversary. I feel like this means we’re officially adults at this marriage thing. We can be trusted to make decisions. We are responsible and competent.

We will celebrate by talking about poop, our budget, and things we need to do around the house just like all responsible adults.

How was your week? If you haven’t already, write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip!!

    My week was good – I did Pilates and worked Mon-Fri, and have done about 12 hours of homework so far this weekend while still managing to entertain myself by making stupid videos. I also went to brunch today. Bruuuunch!

    Toodles til next time!

  2. Aww!! Glad you enjoyed yourself in “my city”. I know it’s far from NJ. But it’s also far from the long winters of NJ!! If she decides on Incarnate Word we would love to make her feel at home in her new city (and I hope that doesn’t sound creepy coming from a blog commenter!) catholic mom over here!

  3. About school in Texas..it is a long way, but in some ways a great experience. I grew up in rural New York but went to college in Dallas, and it was an adjustment, but the experience was good. Now watching my nieces and nephews go to a college that is 8 hours by car (no option of flying), I think going farther away is in some ways easier. There’s no question of figuring out rides, or of parents having to make a lengthy drive to pick up kids or drop them off. It’s also a great chance to see and experience a totally different part of the country! I took a road trip with friends across the Southwest for one break, and it was amazing!

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