{SQT} Seek And Ye Shall Find More Questions Than Answers

Tony casually mentioned the other day, that it’d been awhile since I actually wrote about homeschooling on my homeschooling blog. Now that we’ve started our second trimester, with only the minor-est of glitches, I can stop pretending to be a fashion/ photography/ cooking / medical blogger and put all my focus right back where it needs to be;  on homeschool blogging. I mean, after the education of my off-spring of course, which is my first and only love, obviously. * awkward cough*

Once again I feel as if we’re flying by the seat of my denim jumper.  Yet somehow, despite all my insecurities, some folks have the gumption to ask me for homeschooling advice.  Maybe these people mistake sarcasm for wisdom, I don’t know, but whatever the motivation, I’m here to reveal my darkest secrets.

Presenting seven reasons you should not ask me for homeschooling advice.

7. So, first off, the title of my blog contains the word ‘ain’t’. I’m pretty sure I can’t join the Well Trained Mind forums for that reason alone. And lest there’s any doubt, I make it known on the ‘About’ page that we do not construct ancient landmarks from sugar cubes, thus putting me in the one percent of homeschool bloggers that don’t engage their children with creative food craft.

6. I’m on my fourth round of preschool and I’ve never made my own play dough.

5. I read too many homeschooling books. From Holt to Bauer, Llewellyn to Clark and everyone in between. I can simultaneously point you towards a book that will edify all your homeschooling decisions, or tear them down and make you feel completely inadequate. I am constantly second guessing myself. If I were to write a book that explains my current homeschooling philosophy it would be entitled “Submit to the Love of Learning, or Else: Child Led Homeschooling For the Perfectionist Control Freak”.

4. Despite being Addie’s teacher for the last seven years, she’s managed to become smarter than me. Much, much smarter. Once she discovers this, I’m doomed. But I’ll forward your questions to her if you’d like.

3. This is how my oldest son spells “shirt”, twice.

photo (17)
#3 1/2 I didn’t correct him until I’d taken a picture, tweeted it and shared it with my husband. Priorities straight? Check!



2. My kids are still in elementary school. Who remembers what they learned in elementary school? Whatever phonics, math, handwriting or Koine Greek program you choose will be fine, really. Please, don’t call me up and demand a break down of CHC Readers vs Bob Books. I’d rather just eat my lesson plan book.


1.And lastly…I…can’t…diagram..a sentence. I’m hoping Addie will teach me in a couple of years. Amazingly enough, my general lack of grammar knowledge doesn’t prevent me from writing-lucky you! *

To read Quick Takes from people not reduced to blathering idiots when questioned about “Ecclesiastical vs. Classical pronunciation” clickty click over to Jen’s.


*This post has been brought to you by the wonders of spell check.

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  1. And yet all us homeschoolers still keep coming back, misspelled shirt or no. There is something to be learned from all homeschoolers, even if it’s a “um, don’t do it that way” lesson. D’oh! Which your blog totally isn’t!

    Truth is, Kelly, you just have a wit that won’t quit. That’s why I keep coming back, at least. Pretty much whatever you write about is fine with me.

  2. ” Whatever phonics, math, handwriting or Koine Greek program you choose will be fine, really. Please, don’t call me up and demand a break down of CHC Readers vs Bob Books”

    I feel like that needs to be your new blog subtitle. Best ever.

  3. As a Texas girl, the “Ain’t” in your title is just one more degree on your wall in the field of homeschooling in my book! 😉
    As for #1– I have an English degree and the only class for majors that I ever dropped was “English Grammar,” wherein diagramming was taken to whole new levels of epic, made-up symbols with which to parse sentences. I feel like a better writer for having fled the class within the first two weeks.

  4. I am facing the possibility of homeschooling if we move from this wonderland where there are free Catholic schools–and it is looking more likely that we will move. I’m scared out of my mind about it and every blog I turn to about homeschooling shows pics of beautiful day planners, detailed spreadsheet lesson plans, and heavy doses of arts and crafts. Alas, I’m sure the good Lord gave me talents and one day will reveal them to me, but until that time, I am absolutely certain organization and arts and crafts are not among them. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog (and btw I’m so hooked!), so perhaps you’ve posted such pics in the past, but I REALLY appreciated your takes today and seeing pics of homeschooling that I could relate to. Perhaps, I can homeschool after all…perhaps… Anyway, pretty please, more posts on how you homeschool–the denim jumper blogosphere is starved of such refreshing candor.

  5. You are so funny. If I was funny, I could have written this post.
    No sugar cube construction for me. And I don’t make play doh. And my grammar sucks. (Why am I homeschooling again?)
    I LOVE this post. The shirt picture is still cracking me up!

  6. With requirements like this…I might be ok at homeschooling. jk jk Really though, thanks for keeping it really real. You make me feel like I can tackle it cause you’re so, you know, real.

  7. You are too funny….I love reading your blog and I’m not a homeschooler. (Thought I was gonna have to try a couple years back, thank the good Lord that no such horror had to come for my oldest) Anyway, keep up the great posts!

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