{SQT} Seven Ways To Get Off Your Butt

TOMORROW, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!

And why is tomorrow SO special? Because it’s the start of my Virtual 35K For SMA run! From Saturday the 14th to Saturday the 21st I’m inviting, no, insisting, that all my friends, family, readers, random people I encounter walk / run/ skip a 5K for SMA awareness, then share a picture with my awesome sign on social media. Just think how proud you’ll feel boasting to your friends, “Why yes, I have done a 5K.” Whether or not you imply that you’re training for a marathon after that is up to you.

Here’s seven examples of how you can complete a 5K with minimal effort:

1. Strap on a pedometer. Eventually, you’ll hit 3.1 miles worth of steps. Especially if you wear it to a playground with your kids.

2. Run up and down the stairs to the observation deck of the Empire State building three times. Don’t blame me if your thigh muscles pop off.

3. Walk the National Mall from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, then back to the Washington Monument.

4. Walk the length of the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk, then back to Shriver’s for some salt water taffy.

5. Walk around one level of the Mall of America six times. Or walk by each store front for a 5K and a little extra. Bonus points for pushing a stroller or lugging shopping bags.

6. Run back and forth on a football field 46 times. For Father’s Day, send your husband out there with the kids. Watch them run around like fools for an hour. Hand him a sign and make him pose. Let him know how proud you are of his contribution to SMA awareness.

7. Complete 5% of the El Camino de Santiago. It won’t get you the scallop shell but, snap a smug selfie anyway.

Remind me again Kelly why this is so important?



SMA Logo_tshirt FRONT


Because you are helping me raise money and awareness for families raising a child or children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. So far, I have raised $4,000 to help families offset the overwhelming costs that come from raising a medically needy child. These families need EVEN MORE. They need to modify their homes and buy expensive equipment that insurance companies will fight them tooth and nail on. They need to buy special vehicles, and maintain them in order to get out of the house for multiple appointments. They will face co-pays, deductibles and if there child gets sick (which happens so often) they need money to support them as they sit for weeks or months at their child’s bedside.

Children with SMA do not get better. Right now, there is no cure. The nature of the disease is such that it only gets progressively worse.

Because our family has been so blessed with donations and a strong support network, I used the opportunity of my 35th birthday to pay it forward to families who are not as fortunate, and believe me, there are plenty.

  • Families whose child cannot drive their wheelchair in the house because their house is not accessible.
  • Children who are homebound because they don’t have a vehicle that can safely transport them and their equipment (powerchairs, ventilators, pulse ox monitoring devices, a battery, etc.).
  • Families who lose income and face financial hardship because a parent has decided to stay at home and become a full-time caregiver.

The government offers many programs, but good luck navigating the red tape and waiting lists to find what you need. Private charity is the solution. That’s why I’m giving money to the following charities:

The Getty Owl Foundation

SMA It Forward and Cashel and Allie’s van fund

Unite For Peyton

Marshall’s Miles

If you’ve given already THANK YOU! If not, please consider donating by the 21st, the day of my final race in Bethlehem, PA. If you are unable to donate, join me in my virtual 5K and spread the word with your sweaty selfie. ALL DONATIONS are going to charity. If you want a tax write off, please give directly to one of the charities listed above and tell them I sent you.



Be sure to share your selfies online with the hashtag #35K4SMA and tag me if you can (@kellymantoan on Instagram and Twitter.) I’ll re-post or share them in a future post. Don’t tell me you can’t. I’m not listening to excuses. Are we settled on this? Great, then swing back to our hostess Kathryn for some less pushy Quick Takes.

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