{SQT} Short Week, Short Takes, and Hopefully a Short Recovery


MDA Camp week 2019 has not gone according to plan this year. I knew there might be trouble when last week Teddy missed the last two days of school due to a stomach bug. This year has been awful for the boys in terms of stomach bugs. I was relieved when this third round only lasted a little over 24 hours with Teddy. But of course, we had to wonder, would Fulton get sick? Ultimately he would, but thankfully, he got to enjoy a few days at camp first, and Tony and I got a few quiet days at home alone as well.


As I’m writing, it’s still too soon to tell how hard this bug will hit Fulton (hopefully it passes quickly and does not warrant another hospital stay). The first year the boys were in school we cruised through with no major respiratory illnesses and only a few upset stomachs on Teddy’s part. But this second year has been rough. I’m hoping that Fulton gain regain his health in time to fully enjoy his birthday and the upcoming St. John’s Party, and avoid any other summer bugs.


While everyone was away, Tony and I tried to make progress on several major home projects, which means right now there’s several areas in complete disarray (and littered with nail ridden boards) in and outside our house. Knowing that dozens of families will descend upon our home in little more than a week for our party is just he motivation we need to get things in order…or we’ll have to have a nurse on hand to administer tetanus boosters.


As usual, I don’t think i took before pictures prior to ripping about our basement walls or tearing down the rotten fence in our yard. This is one of the many reasons I could never be a home decorating blogger. Maybe I’ll be able to take some screen shots from my video tour for comparison. Otherwise, you’ll just have to trust that the ‘afters’ really are that incredible.


I finished reading Hidden Figures and WOW what a fascinating look at the role of black women in the development of our country’s air and space programs. There was much more technical detail that I expected, however it was a interesting look into the individual lives of several of the female computers (what mathematicians who did calculations all day were called) who broke color and gender barriers at Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, while also sharing the stark contrast between our country’s goal to put a man on the moon, while at the same time still denying many men the right to choose where they could sit on a bus. These women were advancing the cause of ‘girls in STEM’ long before it was trendy.

Wrapping it up early this week! Write your own takes down and link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. I’m so sorry the kids got sick! I constantly think, “Oh, this project would make a great before and after blog post” long after the time for the “before” photo session has passed . . . .

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