{SQT} Slacking

Even in Jersey, we are officially back to school. My older three started last week while Fulton started this week on Wednesday. Teddy starts back tomorrow (after missing the first day due to¬†Spinraza doses today.) I snapped a few shots of the teens and tween (while yelling constantly that this was to be A NICE SHOT!) but didn’t take any of Fulton since it was pouring rain and we had “issues” with the bus, but at least he had a bus. So anyway, hopefully tomorrow I can pretend to be a good parent and once again remind one of the older kids to take pictures with my phone when the busses show up..none of which will show the boys smiling and probably include gratuitous footage of me in my workout clothes / pajamas.

But today was a Spinraza day (It went well! No side effects!) and I’m wiped, and our schedule has been so all over the place right now, I haven’t figured out when I’m actually supposed to do things like blog, or cook meals, sleep, or clean the house. I apologize. Getting back into a blog routine is a high priority (should I be ashamed to admit that??) but for this week, it’s another lazy link up (published early on Thursday!). Sorry!

Use the time you’d normally spend loving on my post, loving on one of the great links below! You know the drill! I look forward to reading your posts!




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