{SQT} Sounds good.

What’s a creative way to combine the words quarantine and vacation? I don’t know so we’re calling this week Quarancation!!!

As you might expect, our family is having a great time. We are in the town of Duck in the Outer Banks, in a home directly on the Currituck Sound. Since Sunday, we’ve been soaking in the hot tub, kayaking in the sound, playing pool, assembling Legos, and occasionally trying to complete some distance learning assignments.

This counts as PE and a science lesson on, um, buoyancy.

Given our family’s requirements, we needed to pick a home with an elevator or ramps. This home had an elevator that could support 700lbs (which is enough for one chair and someone to ride along), enough bedrooms, plus some amenities that meant even if we couldn’t go anywhere, there’d be stuff to do. It’s been the change of scenery we needed and a big morale boost that will hopefully carry over into our continued quarantining once we head home.

I’ve been trying to stay offline and enjoy games and such with reasonable success. I usually wind up tired by the end of the day, and sleep well, plus (fingers crossed) I hope I’m burning off all the extra calories I’m drinking. The kitchen here is huge, which is nice in some ways (lots of places to set dirty pots and dishes and still have space to work) and frustrating in others (which one of these 80 cabinets has bowls agains????).

My view for the week.

We revisited the Wright Brothers National monument and park on Tuesday. All indoor exhibits were closed but it was free admission to walk around the outdoor exhibits all of which are on paved trails. The older kids complained much less than the last time we were here, and their moderate level of interest helped Fulton and Teddy not hate every single minute. Even as we slowly guided them up and down the steep paths to the top of the hill that the stone monument sits on.

Just in case you thought I was one of those moms who can coordinate their kids outfits for a nice photo or something.

We don’t have any other day trips planned. I’m just hoping we can fit in a little fishing and at least one more kayak trip for the boys in between rain showers.

Lots of family kayaking means Tony and I are regularly confronted with the fact that we are old and out of shape.

So that’s just a few short takes from NC. Write down your own takes and link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts.

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  1. That’s a full and fun quarancating week :). I’d give up an arm, a leg, and another limb for that view. Stay well and safe!

  2. But how do you FIND a home with an elevator and ramps?! AirBnB’s accessibility search is garbage.

    So glad you enjoyed a getaway — looks like a really fun time!!

    1. We used a real estate agency that lists rentals in the area. We had the option to search for elevators and “handicap accessibility” on their website.

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