Stitch Fix(ings) in Seven Blurry Shots

Guys! I’m so excited! The other day, just out of the blue, this box showed up at my door!

1. IMG_3299

The name sounded vaguely familiar, and then I remembered Stitch Fix, a personal shopping service I first read about on Modern Mrs. Darcy awhile back.

Now, the name on the box was a bit off, so I chalked it up to an intern or something sending the box. And then I remembered these boxes aren’t sent out unless you’ve signed up and answered a ton of Stitch Fix’s questions online. I don’t remember ever signing up and filing out a style survey, although maybe I did and just forgot after one too many hard ciders?

I could only assume that after reading so many of my posts, the ladies at Stitch Fix felt they understood my style well enough to send this box of goodies along for me to try. And wow, just WOW! I was just blown away by their five hand-picked selections. Check it out!

2. IMG_3301

Of course, I couldn’t wait to try everything on. Stitch Fix’s website says it will send notes on how to pair some of the items but that you are encouraged to match the new items to ones already in your closet. However, the only notes I received were a few fashion plate images which weren’t all that helpful (take note customer service!)

fashion plate
Vibrant floral bell bottoms? NOT INCLUDED with this shipment. SO disappointed.

Typically, you have three days to try the items and then send back whatever you don’t like, but, since there was no return envelope, or heck, even a return address on the box, I guess I get to keep them all. (Could this be a bribe? Is Stitch Fix trying to win over my loyalty and that of my readers with lavish presents? Who knows, but I say bring it on!)  I’m so excited to show you some of my new looks!

3. First I tried on the pink satin ball gown. Although it took some getting used to, the puffed sleeve and fitted bodice didn’t hold me back from my usual chores.


4. Then, I decided to accessorize with the monkey hat. I read they like to send items “outside you comfort zone” so I tried to be open-minded in giving it a try. I was really surprised at how much I liked the look.


5. As I hadn’t given any sizing information, I wasn’t surprised when this vintage Sponge Bob shirt came in a bit small. This is me, unable to lower my arms or take a deep breath. I happily passed the item onto my eight year old.


6. Next up, I tried the over-sized sweatshirt and large scarf as a wrap skirt. The Flash Dance shoulders inspired me to rock a side ponytail.  For the record, I would not recommend dicing leftover chicken with those sleeves. Later, we made a fort under the front of my shirt. So versatile!


7. I scanned my closet for other pieces I could mix with my new acquisitions and came upon this great vintage dress of mine. Immediately I thought the scarf would make a great Mass head covering, or glamorous turban for a night on the town. I know Tony is stoked for our next date night. Clubbing in Philly or casinos in Atlantic City, I’m set to go!


I’d say my first Stitch Fix experience is one for the win column. At this point, I’m not sure if I should officially sign up or just wait for another surprise package. They did such a great job without my input, I’d hate to screw it up next time around.





  1. Oh LAWD! I can’t even take it! The one with you in the monkey hat. The noise I made while laughing is not my normal loud cackling laugh…it’s a wheezing, dying sound.

    I actually thought you were serious at first and when I saw the pile of clothes I was like, “Oh, okay. I guess it’s for the whole family?” HAHAHAHA! You are hilarious!

  2. I received a couple of packages from Stitch Fix before I discontinued the service. Looks like you had much better luck with Stitch Fixings. Where do I sign up?!

    (You are a hoot!)

  3. Oh you just made my morning. I vote you wear the pink dress to the sort-of-maybe-tentative East Coast Edel gathering 🙂

    1. I should probably let it be known that despite my early enthusiasm, I won’t be able to organize an East Coast Edel for the same weekend as the Austin gathering. I need to learn to stop and think before I open my yap.

  4. I can’t decide if I like the pink gown/monkey hat more or your night on the town dress and turbin. Dying!!!

  5. Okay-I’ve just been able to take off the “stupid hat” and realize this was not serious…after reading the comments. I actually re-read the post twice and went over to the stitch fix site to check it out. I think I realized it might not be real when I read their items are average priced at $65-although the monkey hat may be worth it. Thank you so much for making my day as we’ve got snow and I’m stuck inside baking and eating cookies!

  6. omg. i do not know how I got here, but I love you. Way to make the best of things! i believe that you might have some perspective on life and I love that! someone else could have (probably would have) made this into something to gripe about! thanks for the laugh.

  7. this is the first time I’ve read your blog! I actually won a Stitch Fix gift certificate last fall…. I’ve had 4 or 5 boxes and I can honestly say I’ve kept nothing! the one thing I kept I sold to a consignment shop…I filled out everything, but every time I opened the box, I would stop and think “WHO’S THAT FOR?”… obviously, not for this homeschooling mom of 3 boys…and my husband’s an engineer, not a King from Saudi Arabia! 95.00 for a striped shirt I saw that looked like one from Target… not cool! loved this post!!

  8. The flashdance is my fave….but IDK….the ball gown firewood is pretty amazing and versatile……and then….the scarf/headpiece…just WOW. just. WOW!

  9. I’m thinking whoever put together that box for you has a future as a fashion consultant. And that perhaaaaaps as an april fool’s joke for your blog this year, you might consider putting together some boxes for auction? It would be epic. Make it a homeschool assignment for the kids?

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