The Terrible Twos

I’ve gone and done it. Committed myself to another project with no end in sight. History diorama? No, a homeschool blog. Why? That’s what the ‘about’ page is for. But I will add, even homeschooling moms need a little socialization. This blog is for all of us dedicated HSM who need a laugh and a little boost when we feel down. So what if your laundry is in piles? So what if that science project from last spring is still “incubating” in the back of your fridge? So what if Junior didn’t bake hard tack during the unit on sea exploration?
If you’re in it for the long haul, or just trying to stay focused through the end of the week, I feel your pain. Having a sense of humor keeps me sane and will hopefully put a smile on your face as well.
Around here, it ain’t the Lyceum, but it’s home education that works for us.

And with those words, two years ago today, I started what I thought would be the best homeschooling blog ever. I’ve changed the look several times early on, gone through phases when I couldn’t write fast enough, and dry spells when it was a struggle to just find the motivation to sit down. I’ve broadened my subject matter and discovered so many wonderful people that all in all, the last two years have really flown by.

Of course, being two comes with its perks. To celebrate this milestone I’m reveling in full toddler mode by shirking all responsibility for a day or so and living the care free life of a two-year old.

1. I’m not eating anything at meal times and pitching a fit even when presented with my favorite type of homemade, gluten-free, macaroni and cheese. I’m subsisting on crumbs I pick off the floor and the snacks my kids give me because they’re afraid of me starving.


2. When the kids don’t complete their school work in a timely manner, ask me a really tough question or talk about making plans to go out with friends, I throw a tantrum on the floor to show I’m tired of this dreary existence.

homeschool tantrum
Why doesn’t anyone care about me!?!?

8. The girls caught me dumping out all the makeup and nail polish in the house and making a mess. But look how pretty I am! I’m a princess/ ballerina/ veterinarian! Not visible is the nail art mural painted behind the sink where I’m positive no one will find it and even if they do I can say the cat did it.

playing with makeup

11. If someone needs something urgently, I’m hiding or running in the opposite direction.

No, you can’t see me! I’m invisible.

1,000,000. Β I’m taking naps, even though I’m not tired! And then sleeping way too long and becoming a nuisance to put to bed at night (according to my husband.)


My math isn’t real good. That’s seven right?

So as you can tell, it’s been a great blog-o-versary thus far. The highlight of the week will be going to a playground with everyone today, then laying on the end of the slide, in a puddle, Β the whole time complaining how I want to go home and then screaming non-stop when we finally leave. I might just pee my pants to make my point.

Thanks for sticking around readers! It never fails to amaze me that you people tolerate my writing and seem to actually enjoy it. Next week, I wipe the cereal out of my hair, put on my big girl pants again and get back to work. Keep refreshing your reader as I try to keep up with seven posts in seven days, or as I like to call it, the week that blogging most taxes my marriage. Until then, swing back to Jen’s for more of the adult set.


  1. It’s only been two years?!? I feel like I’ve been reading you much longer than that…in a very good way. I’m so glad you write. Happy blogoversary! The expressions on your kids’ faces is priceless. I’m pretty sure I get that look from my older ones once or twice a week.

  2. Congrats on the two-year mark.
    My word, are your kids really good actors or are they just used to your antics? Those photos are hilarious.

  3. You left off asking why a million times in a row. Love the rest of the reversion!

    Happy anniversary! You bring smiles and laughter to so many, even if not your children, judging by these photos.

  4. The pee the pants line was the best.
    My family would never go along with such silliness. Obviously you’re doing something right.

  5. Bahahaha! The not-eating faces are my favorite!

    Remind me not to check your blog at work- I couldn’t stop laughing.. and then I got a phone call and told myself to pull it together, and then had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle the giggles while someone asked questions about deposits.

  6. I’d like to know if you instructed your older kids to give you those looks of incredulity and dismay when you tantrumed on the floor, or if they just did that instinctually. Either way, congratulations on two years!! (And send me some of that homemade gfree mac’n’cheese; I’ll eat it if you won’t.)

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