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These takes are coming to you from the road…or air as it may be. Hopefully I post them at the right time seeing as I’m tired and in a different time zone (which shouldn’t make things harder but it does for me.) I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard and my phone, so I apologize for any formatting errors (i.e. don’t email me about them).


Addie and I are in San Antonio! We’re visiting the University of the Incarnate Word (which is the only Catholic college we’ve found with a women’s fencing program, or competitive club- correct me if I’m wrong).

It will be a short trip. We arrived in town last night and will leave Saturday evening. I would’ve loved to stay longer and visit with some of my lovely Texas friends, but it’s not a social trip for me, so I tried to keep it short.


It was Addie’s first trip on an airplane, and her first visit to Texas. I was excited to hear temperatures were still in the 90s, and New Jersey’s rainy cool send off made it easy for me to embrace the hot, summer temperatures. I tried to reassure Addie that it would be a dry heat, but she was less enthusiastic.


Although I have several friends in Texas, I didn’t know anyone in San Antonio, but thanks to social media, I found a reader who lives close to the college who is hosting us! I love meeting new people and was happy to have found us lodgings with a friend, albeit a new friend. I fruitlessly tried to explain these arrangements to Addie, and my other kids, in a way that wouldn’t lead them to believe we’d be caught up in some sort of Stephen King ‘Misery’ type arrangement. Tony has come to accept the fact that I eagerly embrace the opportunity to meet online friends in real life, while the kids hugged me tightly and told me psychopath warning signs I should look out for. Addie has been a good sport through it all even thought the whole experience goes against every bone in her introverted body.


Giving a shout out to Jennifer Fulwiler to let her know I am fully a member of #teamcheckedbag. Usually, I’m traveling with books to sell, so it makes obvious sense to check a bag. But even for this short trip, I put our clothes and toiletries in a suitcase and checked it rather than lug it through the airport. Only downside was not labeling the bag clearly and then trying to wrestle the bag out of the hands of someone before realizing it was not my bag. But, there’s a greater likelihood I’d seriously hurt myself or someone else lifting/ dropping a heavy carry-on into an overhead bin, so I’ll take the uncomfortable grappling of hands over giving someone a concussion.


Addie reached out to the fencing coach in preparation for our visit and we learned that playing for an NCAA school (Division I or II) requires a crap load of paperwork for homeschoolers. Had Addie been in school, I’m sure her guidance counselor would have been all over this years ago, but she’s not and from her exchange with the coach, and her online school, I learned I had a lot of work to do if I wanted her to actually fence, and get a scholarship, to UIW. So, basically, all my free time is going to filling out forms that will hopefully prove all the courses she’s taken up to this point are good enough to make her eligible to play at an NCAA school. Addie, as the oldest, has always been the guinea pig when it comes to figuring out this homeschooling thing. Just when I think I’ve figured it all out and I won’t make any mistakes regarding the other kids, I get a pleasant surprise like this. My goal is to get all the paperwork submitted before I get my book edits. Hopefully, every thing will be complete and she’ll eligible. Worst case, if she gets accepted at a division I or II school, she would need to be red shirted a year. And if I need to be honest, I still think a couple more years at a community college and a transfer to a less expensive state school might be the way to go, but because UIW could be an option with the right financial aid package, I feel like I need to undergo this torture…I mean, do this for her.


Thinking about it makes me want to drink a $14 glass of mediocre wine at the Midway Airport in Chicago; or at least that’s one way I’m trying to take my mind off of all the paperwork waiting for me back at home.


Following up on last week’s takes, you’ll all be happy to hear that Fulton was one of four sixth graders elected to the student government. He says his next step is to take over Hong Kong. I’m sure there’s a method to his madness, all I know is I’m glad I’m not advising that club.

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  1. Notre Dame has a women’s fencing program! Mariel Zagunis (4 time Olympic medalist) was on the team when I was a student there. There is a private scholarship given by a donor to a student who has siblings with special needs; I was a recipient of that scholarship, which made it possible (along with working a lot and getting loans) for me to attend an otherwise very expensive school.

  2. Notre dame! Amazing financial aid…cheaper than a state school for me and many others I know.

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