{SQT} The Best and Worst of the Takes; Back to the Future Link-toberfest Edition

Actually, I’m not going to reference Back to the Future in these takes, I just thought it made a catchy title …and yay SEO score!

seven quick takes friday 2


1. Link-toberfest is winding down! This is your last link up to obtain entries for the gaggle of prizes I’m offering! If you’re an unlucky person (like me) who never wins anything, don’t forget the following vendors are offering discounts all month for losers like us!

$5 off a blog consultation with a mention of This Ain’t the Lyceum from Bonnie of A Knotted Life.

15% off at Hatch Prints with code 7QUICKTAKES from Katrina of Cedars and Tiny Flowers.

25% off $15 or more at Rakstar Designs with code SQTSQUEE from Rahki at The Pitter Patter Diaries.

20% off at Whole Parenting Goods with code KELLYROCKS20 from Nell at Whole Parenting Family.

2. This week’s bonus questions is “What was your most popular Quick Takes post?”. In researching for this post, I came across a bunch of old gems. If you’ve spent any time around my blog, you’re probably familiar with my most popular Quick Takes posts.

#7 Real Valentines for Today
#6 Livin’ It Up, Anti-Lyceum Style
#5 Pictures for the Uninitiated
#4 How To Stop Hating Facebook
#3 Hit the Beach and Avoid Sandwiches
#2 Summer Bucket List for Underachievers
#1 Stich Fix(ings)

3. But, what about my least popular Quick Takes posts? Some are surprisingly funny (I don’t remember writing that hilarious paragraph about wanting to throw up in the grocery store! Hardeeharhar!) and some should remain buried at the bottom of my stats.

#7 I’m Thankful For SQT
#6 Vanilla Ice, Ice Cream With My Birthday Cake
#5 First World Problems
#4 As I Drive By
#3 Sweaty Hand Wringing
#2 Take SQT and Call Me in the Morning
#1 Under the Weather **this one was funnier then I remember and less than 60 people have read it!

4. We got Star Wars tickets! Friday, December 18, 6 p.m. all the Mantoans will be showing up at the local theater  with expectations high! At dinner this week one of my kids exclaimed, “Once Halloween is over, we need to start working on our Star Wars costumes!” Which I heard as, “Hey Mama, once you’re done making our complicated Halloween costumes, get to work on some complicated Star Wars costumes!” I really miss the days when I could just toss an issue of Family Fun at them and pull together a few basic costumes for the kids. Now it’s all very specific comic or movie characters that my mom has to pretend to recognize. “Sure Grammy would love to see a picture of your Mandalorian suit Byron!” (At least that will do double duty for Halloween and the movie opening.)

Don’t worry, I found an Instructables on how to make this armor from an old plastic trash can, so we’re good.

5. Christine has a dog named Frodo Waggins. Game. Set. Match. I now consider myself the lamest dog namer in history.

Not all who wander are lost…they’re just sniffing out the perfect spot for you know what.


6. I loved Tammi’s tips for taking kids to Adoration. 

Encourage your children to dialogue with the Lord. Teach them how to sit in the quiet and listen for the voice of God. What a beautiful blessing when they can train their young souls to seek the voice of God. Liken this time to a “visit with grandmom”. “You wouldn’t go to grandmom’s house and eat her cookies, swing in her swing, and play with her dog without greeting her and talking, right?! Well, God awaits us in the blessed sacrament. He longs for you to thank Him for all the blessings in your life.

Be sure to read them all!


7. Jesus is a bad driver, and that’s making Ari a better person.

On retreat a few weeks ago, we were told to see Christ in everyone, especially the difficult people.  I’ve heard that saying many times before.  But, for some reason this time, I imagined Christ all around me when I’m stuck in traffic and prone to road rage at the incompetent drivers.  Would I flip off “Jesus,” yell at him in my car, or call him names if he were in the car next to me?  Um…no.  No, I would not.

This outlook would seriously cramp the loud singing I do when I’m alone in the car. I mean, does Jesus in the car next to me really want to hear my version of ‘Downtown*’? (*not kid friendly)


You know the drill! Link up one last time for Link-toberfest and look to see if you’ve won next week! Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes!

Fine Print: link up your blog for an entry. Link up a Seven Quick Takes post every week between now and October 23 for up to four chances. Readers, leave a comment for an entry. Leave comments here every Friday between now and October 23 for up to four chances. Bloggers, for a bonus entry, answer the featured question in your takes each week, and leave a comment here so I know. Readers, for a bonus entry, Tweet me @kellymantoan with your favorite Takes of the week, up to four times between now and October 29th. Winners will be selected at random and announced in the October 30th Quick Takes.


  1. Good luck with those costumes! At least for the Halloween costumes, I was paid a haul of trick-or-treat candy as the reward. I wouldn’t be so motivated to make costumes in December. 🙂

  2. I misread the original question and linked to my most popular blog posts. Since I only started linking to 7QT this year, I hope that’s still in the spirit of the question!

  3. STAR WARS!!! We’re going to the first iMax showing in our city, on December 17 at 7 p.m. I cannot contain my excitement, and every time I re-watch the new trailer, I get more excited! Good luck with the costumes! I hit a thrift store the other day, but didn’t find anything useful, so I’m hoping to have more success as the weeks go by. Since there aren’t many doable female costumes to begin with, I’m probably going to go with Padme’s Tatooine peasant outfit, or maybe Rey’s costume from the new trailer (because it looks oh-so-amazing, and feels very Avatar-ish)

  4. Good luck with your costumes! I still have to make an Alice in Wonderland. Shouldn’t be too hard. . . if I ever get an hour to myself. 😉 I’ve already made my daughter’s Star Wars dress, so I’m ahead of the game! Right? Maybe?

  5. I am slightly freaked as a friend just let me know the 10 hour flight they took at 9.15am this morning to Las Vegas arrived and it is lunchtime there. As I am about to hit the hay. No wonder my UK self manages the quick takes in a timely manner. Feels a bit like cheating. Anyway,to me this is more interesting than the fact that a not very interesting Christmas post about chickenpox and late pregnancy, that my local farm park retweeted, hence the hits: http://strength-and-song.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/7-quick-takes-christmas-2012.html

  6. I was focusing so hard on keeping up with Link-toberfest that I forgot to hand in my teaching preferences form that was due last Friday. Do you write excuse notes? 😉

  7. I posted my favorite quick takes (and most popular which was kinda random) on my blog. // We too are excited for Star Wars although I told my boys (the youngest is 4) that I’d have to watch the movie first to see why it’s PG-13. So the hubs and I will have a date night instead. // I love the dog name! My son’s fish is named Anakin Fishwalker, although I still think waterwalker or wavewalker would have been more appropriate. 😉

  8. Does it count if I just make my entire post this week a list of my 7th most and least popular posts? Because that’s what I did… I blame the baby, who doesn’t seem to want to sleep 😛

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