{SQT} The Comforts of Home

We’re home! This week’s Takes are coming to you from the comfort of my favorite couch.

1. Fulton had some lingering GI issues, but we were discharged on Monday, GI issues being something we’re used to dealing with at home anyway. The strong pain medicines came with us, but everyday Fulton has needed a little less. Sometimes I can tell he’s trying to muscle through, afraid the medicines will upset his stomach, so I have to convince him he doesn’t have to suffer. Transfers from the bed to his chair are the hardest, as well as driving his chair over rough ground, but he’s trying more and more, while making sure to nap and rest frequently in bed. We’ve got grandparent support, and nursing for 12 hours a day to keep things running smoothly on the homefront.

2. Thank you to everyone who sent Fulton mail! We opened a bunch of artwork and cards in the hospital and despite his discomfort, Fulton enjoyed seeing what everyone had sent him.

3. The biggest surprise was when I learned we couldn’t use the new golf cart sized Hoyer lift with Fulton. I’d wrongly assumed it would be the safest way to transfer him post-op. Had I checked with the surgeon and physical therapist, I would’ve learned it puts uncomfortable pressure on Fulton’s spinal hardware, so it’s a no go for six months. Ultimately, we’ll still need it as the boys get larger, but Fulton is relieved it’s out of his room.

4. Teddy’s cot is also out of the room, and he’s sleeping on a futon in our living room. Although I don’t like having Teddy in the living room, it’s a magic futon mattress because Teddy’s never slept better. The camping cot we’d set up was the exact opposite, with Teddy waking up approximately 23,958,203 times a night to roll and reposition (which is slightly more than average).

5. On Monday, Fulton’s homebound educator comes out for the first time. As of yesterday, she had yet to read his IEP or learn anything about the school work he’s been doing. I’ve tried to tell her he’s not a typical fifth grader, and, BTW, he uses a wheelchair, among other accommodations. She’s told me several times she’s a highly qualified K-12 educator. Okay. Hopefully everything goes as well as she would like me to believe.She’s set to come for five hours a week for 60 days. I’m not sure how much homework I will have to do with him between lessons. It will be a learning experience all the way around.

6. This weeks post was going to be “The Best Mixed Drinks for Back to School” but since I couldn’t take my cocktail shaker to the hospital, I got behind in sampling. If you have any suggestions pass them along.

7. [here is where I write that one thing I thought of earlier in the week that was so clever but that I forgot about by the time I wrote my Quick Takes]

How was your week? Write it down then link it up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!



  1. I feel your pain on #5. Claremont Unified School District did that to us and I had to use the three magic words (“due process hearing”) to get their person in charge of special education thrown off Daniel’s case because she was a bleeding moron. (It was the only hiccup in six years of special education.)

  2. Glad to hear’s Fulton is recovering! Oh, and if you’re looking for a good cocktail, my favorite is a Ramos Gin Fizz. I learned about it while reading Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer (excellent book by the way).

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