{SQT} The Results Are In…

1. And it’s official, I’m SHEENAZING!!! In a underappriciated sort of way that is.

Best Undersappreciated

2. Wow, just wow. I mean, wow. First I just want to thank God and the big JC for coming through for me. And then next my husband Tony for allowing me to spend so much time on the interweb, I love you baby! And my kids; Addie, Byron, Edie, Fulton and Teddy! [violently blows kisses and smears lipstick] You are my inspiration! I want to make the blogosphere a better place for you to grow up! And then last, but DEFINITELY, not least my fans! The readers who come here, week after week and leave their love in the comboxes; this award is for you! Without your tireless efforts over at Bonnie’s, none of this would have been possible. Thank you, thank you!*sob* [Cue orchestra.]

photo (24) (1)
I went with the flattest possible hairstyle for this photo just so you wouldn’t confuse me with Sally Fields.

3. I’m also happy I won, because otherwise this new tattoo would’ve looked really ridiculous.

photo (19)

4. On one occasion when I was obsessing too much about my stats, and wondering why I blog, my husband said that I should be happy to become a Ron Paul of the blogging world. My goal shouldn’t be to be the biggest and most popular blog, just to develop a rabid fan base of devoted followers. And to put my blog on a gold standard. I feel like this is a step in the right direction.

 5. The joy of being underappreciated also helps me forget about all the money we dumped into fixing the furnace and the van this week, both of which died on the same day. Watching the 15 passenger behemoth get towed was the highlight of the kids week. Teddy still keeps looking out the back window and eagerly exclaiming, “Van broke down!” Thankfully, both the furnace and the van were repaired quickly. The only downside? I’m not quite sure when we’re going to have a second bathroom again. But maybe the kids would be into the idea of an outhouse if I sell it as a ‘Little House On The Prairie’ type experience.

6. I’m down to the final week of play rehearsals, which means it’s at the point in production where my husband starts saying “You’re not doing this again next year” and the kids start saying things like “We never see you!” I guess the twelve hours during the day I’m here educating, feeding, nagging, and all around sacrificing for them counts for nothing.

7. My last take is for all the other bloggers out there who got a nomination. If you haven’t, head back over to Bonnie’s and find some new favorites. Colleen at Martin Family Moments made a list of links and it’s basically where I’ve been spending my free time, all 5 minutes of it. I’ve already added a couple new blogs to my reader and the Links section on my sidebar.

If you’re tired of reading all my self-absorbed ramblings, I’m sorry. Please know there’s a ton of other great Quick Takes linked up at Jen’s just waiting for you. You’re going to be a lot cooler by just swinging by.




  1. I’m really happy that I found your (soon to be overly-appreciated, I’m sure) blog through the awards – you are way funny!

    Also, at what point does one upgrade to the 15-passenger van? We just got a regular minivan in anticipation of #3 (thank goodness, because then it ended up being surprise twins – #3 & #4 in one fell swoop!) and now I’m terrified that when we try for #5 we’ll end up with #5 & #6 at the same time and will have to get a cargo van!

    1. We got the mega van when we had four, but all our extended family lived out of state and packing all our stuff, plus a dog in our minivan for long trips got old real fast. We also figured, well, we’re going to have tons of kids so might as well just upgrade now! As fate would have it, the van wound up being the only vehicle that could fit a wheelchair lift and bench seats for three, then four children with boosters and carseats.
      It’s a gas hog, but we’ve never regretted the purchase. I drive like a maniac because, no one cuts off a mega van in traffic! We can also tow stuff which is handy.
      Of course, our situation means we’ll be upgraded to an even larger vehicle in the near future so if you’re in the market to buy, I might know a 15 passenger van you could get real cheap. 😉

  2. Thanks for the link love! And CONGRATS on your big win. Love your acceptance speech 🙂 You won’t be underappreciated for long!

  3. Congratulations!!! So glad the tattoo worked out. Phewsh. What a relief!

    Sorry about the van and the furnace. Hey, my family used an outhouse as our second bathroom the whole time I was in high school. And I turned out ok…

  4. Haha I’m really happy that tattoo worked out for you…because that would have been embarrassing to post about! I’m glad you won because I voted for you!

  5. Congratulations on being the most appreciated underappreciated blogger! You totally deserve it. I mean the appreciation of course.

    I have decided that second bathrooms are really only backup for when the other bathroom breaks. I’m not sure two can function at the same time. You are good until they are both out of commission…

  6. Congrats. You won best under appreciated blog and I think you definitely deserved it! Boring blog was in the running which was odd because I think I have 2 visits a day.. And I think their from my mom both times! I think I should make a new category. Most under appreciated perhaps? The requirement being you have less than 10 visits a day.
    Also I tattooed the Sheenazing on my ankle and I was just a runner up..

  7. Congrats! I am glad to see my vote helped. Newish to your blog but really enjoying it. 🙂

  8. My morning routine for the last few months has been coffee, kids in front of a show, daily readings first, then your blog, Like Mother Like Daughter, or Camp Patton. And you all won! So congrats and for the sake of my sane smooth days keep blogging.

  9. I’m surprised you’re still under-appreciated after Jen Fulwiler outed you. Anyway, I just had to tell you 1. your tat had me LOLing –thank you. And 2. You don’t look like Sally Field. I’d say if you more like Kimberly Williams (“Father of the Bride” and Brad Paisley’s wife)

  10. I really thought I had commented on this already but it probably got deleted by the 2 year old…I just had to say you are hilarious and this post was pretty much the best ever.

    And I still am kind of embarrassed about my sheenazing tattoo.

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