{SQT} It’s All About The Walker Baby

So Kelly, what have you been up to during the last month?

Oh you know, just saving every box that came into our house so I could make a cardboard AT-ST Walker costume for Halloween. “Does the UPS man have a package for us today??? Kids, chase his truck and see if he’ll throw us a box!! Need. more. cardboard!!!”



Those legs lasted just long enough for this picture before quickly falling apart during pizza consumption. When I wasn’t duct taping, spraying or otherwise mutilating all our packaging materials for that, I was agonizing over how to make an Ahsoka Tano outfit that didn’t suck. Edie was happy, so I guess I succeeded.



Okay, now photo dump of the three costumes I didn’t make because, yo, did you see those top two??? (Tony is happy that I can finally think about educating our children again.)



Addie’s a pirate and she’s pretending to storm our deck. As we hosted three families and thirteen kids for trick or treating, I was wishing this house was a rum runner at one point.



Fulton wanted to be Thor, and I found his costume at Goodwill for $7. I made him a hammer from a frozen waffles box, and paper towel tube. He loved it. I love when kids are easy to please with such simple things. Things that aren’t elaborate Star Wars walkers.



Teddy was Iron Man, and when his mask was down, he’d remind you he was Tony Stark. I poured a glow stick onto the printed image of the arc reactor which is why his chest is ever so slightly glowing a sickly green. I was fully prepared to make an Iron Man suit ala this pin, but then I saw this for $10 at Target and, you know AT-ST, so I bought it.

6. With enough duct tape, safety pins, girls tights and scrap cardboard and fabric, it’s possible to make anything if you have the time. And if you have spare time, I don’t recommend making an AT-ST. It will consume you and then you’re left with this huge cardboard walker you can’t bear to throw away but you can’t leave sitting out because it’s the perfect wheelchair target. I’ve documented more of my costume madness here. And to everyone who asks me “How do you make time to do this??”, I wish you could see the layer of dust and debris that has settled around my house in the last month….and my children are now illiterate. Priorities!

photo (83)
Someone’s scored a new playhouse loaded with cardboard weaponry! He’s got a sword in there with him too, just in case.

7. I think all my Instagram followers can breathe a sigh of relief that I won’t be posting daily, or hourly ,updates on the status of Byron’s costume. Especially since many had to turn to their husbands or older children to figure out what they were looking at. Β To everyone, thank you for keeping you comments about my son’s robot/ TARDIS/ washing machine costume to yourselves. He had enough explaining to do on his trip around the neighborhood. Especially to one unimaginative lady who called him a ‘box head’.

While I continue to graze from the candy haul for my breakfast, swing back to Jen’s for the rest of the spooky seven takers.


  1. Whoa. Just…whoa! We had a Thor and an Iron Man, too, (and Thor had a corn dog box for a hammer), but I don’t think anything can top the Imperial Walker!

  2. PLEASE tell me people had to shove candy through the holes in the front of Byron’s costume! Seriously, incredible…

    Also, I LOVE Fulton’s expression! Cardboard hammer FTW πŸ™‚

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