{SQT} What I’m NOT Doing in 2016

First Tsh posted three things she wasn’t doing this year, then Anne followed with three more and I was like, hell, I’ve got at least seven things I shouldn’t do this year. Let’s make this a Quick Takes.

seven quick takes friday 2

1.No sleepovers. I will happily drop my children at other kid’s houses, but no one except blood relatives in town for a funeral or hobos who’ve fixed my picket fence are sleeping under this roof, eating my food, slopping up my table with sticky¬†lemonade¬†and giggling at Facebook videos until midnight outside my bedroom door. Not. this. year.

2. Cutting my hair on a whim. I chopped my hair this summer. Immediately upon exiting the salon and entering my car, I glanced at my new shorter tresses and thought “Well, eventually it will grow back.” Why I thought the stylist and I were on the same page when I hadn’t even shown her the pictures on my phone is beyond me. “Layered messy bob” is a loaded, confusing¬†description¬†only one letter away from BLOB. Proper enunciation is crucial.

3. Believing everything I see on Pinterest. I’m a sucker for a great photo paired with a stylish font duo. I think you could convince me to put both kidneys on the black market with a well designed Pin button. But often Pinterest lets me down. While I’ll never give it up (it’s the best for recipes and giant squid crafts), I’m going to stick with testing all the beauty recipes on my daughters first, or maybe the dog, before myself.

4. Go shopping without a list. Normally I always plan all my meals and snacks, and carry a list for all my shopping trips, but I got out of the habit a bit and wound up making more quick trips to the store by the end of 2015. This always inflates the budget and means we end up eating meals like leftover white meat take two with questionable green beans found at the back of the crisper and two blocks of cheddar cheese with bread ends. It also means we become dangerously low on wine and I wind up trying things like dry vermouth in seltzer or cooking sherry in my cereal. 

5. Not checking Facebook 9,375 times a day. 9,374 times is more than adequate.

6.Pretending to be a lousy tooth fairy. I’m tired of writing out teeny notes to explain why, once again, there’s 73 cents in loose change (dug from the bottom of my purse at 11:30 p.m.) under a child’s pillow 234 days late.

7.Following the Gregorian calendar. I’m switching to the Coptic calendar, which means I get an extra month each year! Think of everything I could do with an extra month! Especially if I¬†inadvertently¬†miss all my other prior commitments. “Oh did you say June 2nd? I was thinking you meant the 3rd of Pashons! Mea culpa! Can we reschedule for the 6th of Epip?”

You’ve got your 2016 “To Dos” but what about some “To Don’ts”? Write ’em down and link ’em up! Don’t forget to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. Things not to do in 2016:
    1. Adopt another dog, especially a small, yappy one like the one we have now.
    2. Get a cat. Never want to spend my life sneezing.
    3. Eat to keep myself awake in the afternoon when I really just need a Nanna nap.
    4. Think that eating vego (vegetarian) in Lent means I am consuming fewer calories and I can therefore allow myself lots of second helpings of potato.
    5. Spending so much time on Facebook.. but how to stop.. how? how?
    6. Getting addicted to Instagram. Judging from my Fb addiction, that would just be a disaster.

  2. Regarding #7, my dear friend Laura is a tasoni (a Coptic priest’s wife) and could TOTALLY help you with that!

  3. A 13 month calendar?? Brilliant!! That’ll go great with my type A/can’t sit down/CrAzY busybody personality. The things I’ll be able to get done – yippeeeee!!

    You are totally tempting me to write a second 7QT – a “to don’t” list….

  4. I could do the calendar switch. My daughter is trying to adopt is anyway. We’ve limited desserts to Sundays and feast days, and she gave us a hard sell on celebrating the Eastern Epiphany this week.

  5. I married my husband and THEN discovered he never took a grocery list to the store. Somehow, with two of us in the house and a grocery list, we lowered the food budget. LIKE MAGIC! Though I’m admittedly lame at meal planning and suffer the same problem of “random thing in freezer 1 + random thing in freezer 2 = dinner”.

    A whole extra month a year? Hmmmm. But then I’d be at work 13 months… nah, thanks.

  6. These are great. With #6-I feel like I’d be the worst tooth fairy ever. How are parents supposed to keep track and remember to put money there AND have money on hand in the first place? Who even thought of the “tooth fairy” thing, anyway? And who decides the rates? When I was little, I’m pretty sure I got 50 cents. But then I think some of my siblings would get a whole dollar.This is a serious issue. Maybe my husband and I should abolish the tooth fairy when our little guy is old enough for all his teeth to fall out, I don’t know haha.

  7. Well, all 7 of these made me guffaw out loud! Thanks for that as this day was kind of bleh before that. number 1 and 7 were my personal favorites!

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