{SQT} What I’m NOT Doing in 2018

Now that we’ve all set, and perhaps broken, our 2018 New Year’s resolutions, how about creating a list of things we’re not going to do this year? (à la 2016)

This is #7QT episode 161.

1. Put off cleaning for a party until the day (hour?)  before. Seriously…for realz. Not this year. Not. this. year. I mean, last minute efforts are much more fruitful with big kids to help, but I would love to give up that additional run to confession due to threatening my offspring with bodily harm just to get crumbs off the table. We’ve got to host at least two big parties this year so here’s hoping we can embrace the 48 hour window and take a little time off my children’s future therapy needs.

2. Invest in fancy workout clothes with oddly placed cutouts. Once I developed the habit of exercising, I thought about buying some cute clothes to reward my efforts (as if the crickets in my basement cared how I looked as I screamed at my smiling YouTube instructor). But workout clothes, which I thought couldn’t get weirder than Jane Fonda circa. 1985, are now all skin-tight and feature cut outs and lots of cris-crossing lattice-work. Honestly, I fear strangulation trying to pull on some of these outfits, and even though I feel more toned, nothing takes your ego down a notch than some cute leggings incorrectly marked size medium that give you a distinct Vienna sausage look.

I like macrame, yoga, and I don’t need to actually support anything on my body when I exercise.


I enjoy making people think I wrestle cats for cardio.

Perfect for those who practice pilates but want to be prepared in case something goes horribly awry and a tourniquet is required.

3. Believing the success of everything rests solely on my efforts. I often feel that for God’s will to be revealed to me, or for everything to run smoothly, I need to be very busy!!! doing so many great things!!! researching all the options!!!!! And that that effort will result in me getting a very clear answer of what’s best and everything working out perfectly. I struggle with discernment because once I think I’ve found what’s best for me, my family or whatever (Surely it’s God’s will!! *heart eyes*),  I am full speed ahead with it 110 percent, usually ignoring any red flags, possible problems, or wise words of advice; and then I wonder why things don’t work out the way I think they should. This year, no obsessing, no trying to make something happen RIGHT NOW because I think it should. I’m gonna try to calm down and allow God some room to handle things in His time.

4. Buying dresses on Amazon without reading all the reviews. I mean, Addie has made out pretty well from my mistakes, but, I’d like to actually get myself something new to wear. It’s just once I see a comfy dress with pockets that’s not a shapeless sack, I forget all about due diligence.

This was actually one for the win column. It fits, is super comfy, and it has deep pocketsssssssss. We loves it.

5. Complaining about my house. I will try accepting this as our home, rather than always dreaming about our someday handicap accessible beach house. I mean, this summer will be ten years since we moved in so maybe rather than focus on all the problems we’ve uncovered, and how it hasn’t lived up to our expectations, I can focus on the positives, view it as a blessing, and not some temporary stop over on our way somewhere better.

6. Dismantling another large piece of antique furniture. Eventually, we will have a super awesome piano bar on our deck and I will share pictures and we can all celebrate and rejoice together on that momentous occasion. But in the mean time, if I tell you that I have [insert random large piece of furniture] and that I’m going to blow it up because I can’t get rid of it, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, don’t send me to Pinterest to look at how I can transform it into something else. …because that is how marriages are tested and families torn apart!!!!

7. Buy mascara from a dollar store, or, at any point seriously consider Wet N’ Wild mascara a more upscale alternative. …unless you’re trying to clump your lashes up on purpose and want to find huge black smudges under your eyes for days on end. I’m pretty sure my makeup remover actually caused the mascara to reproduce in tar like smears under my eyes.

How about you? What are you giving up this year? Write it down then link it up below! Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. I’m giving up staying up too late when I have to get up early in the morning. (Well, after tonight that is.) 😉

  2. oh, me, oh, my. Number 3… I am sort of dealing with the aftermath f lots of 110%, red-flag ignoring right now. I think it’ll get sorted, but I probably should’ve waited and prayed a bit more and researched and ran a bit less…

  3. Oh man I can so relate to the workout clothes. They are awful! What’s even worse is seeing moms at preschool wearing these ridiculous cut out pants and tops. NOOOOO!!!!!

  4. Gosh the mascara. What’s your alternative? I’ve gone to just the no mascara look because at least then I have eyelashes at the end of my making removing session.

    1. I buy whatever is on sale or clearance, or, I ask for masacra for Christmas (popular stocking stuffer) or my birthday. I believe in self-care, but I just cringe at spending tons of money on mascara or any makeup.

  5. These are great! No matter how many days before I start cleaning and prepping for a party, I always always find myself freaking out an hour before guests arrive while my husband decides to quickly cut the grass!!

  6. I loved when you did this before! So glad to see it again. I could comment on every take but just wanted to say I can TOTALLY RELATE to #3. Just last night my husband was trying to convince me that there is NO RUSH on this particular endeavor that we feel called to. So hard to slow down sometimes, though. Thanks for the reminder to let God handle things too!

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