{SQT} I Write, I Tweet and I Beg for Money to Speak

It’s Monday! How about I type up all the random stuff I was going to write about on Friday but didn’t? Thank you for your understanding.

1. We finished our first week of school without much more drama. The early morning wake ups weren’t that big a deal after Tuesday. Although, as early mornings used to be my time to relax and blog, I’m trying to get used to writing with more noise in the background. Based on the fact that I only posted once last week, you may think things didn’t go very well, BUT…

2. I actually wrote a chapter for a book. The deadline was for today, so of course I was hard at work all last week not procrastinating. My chapter will be one of many from lots of great writers. As the project moves forward I’ll share all the details.

3. I was also over at The Rhode’s Log talking about the differences in life between now and back before I had a seven-year old. It’s a neat series featuring a bunch of cool bloggers so check out the whole thing. 

4. I was also greatly distracted last week by, what I hope will be, a momentary pause in the progress of Arbp. Fulton Sheen’s cause to sainthood. I’m unapologetically biased and if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, it’s pretty clear my take on the whole thing. For more information on the situation I suggest reading Bonnie’s posts HERE, HERE and HERE,  and check out The World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo clip below beginning around 6:48. I pray this situation can be remedied soon for the good of the Church and the glory of God.

5. Who else got excited to learn Jen will have her own radio show? I, of course, couldn’t help but offer my expertise in order to jump-start her on the path to Sirius stardom. Will The Jennifer Fulwiler show feature exotic drink recipes and karaoke? I hope so, otherwise my husband is going to get really upset at all the money I just spend on bartending supplies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.39.54 AM



Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.40.55 AM


6. But if the guest slot doesn’t work out, perhaps I can take the material on the road. Check out the top of the page: I’ve got a new tab for ‘Speaking’. It’s not just something I do loudly at my children. I’ve decided to demand money for it, and since my kids are cheap, I’ve decided to ask strangers! What a great strategy right? The page itself needs some work, so I’ll let you now when it contains stuff like dates and information for bookings. I know that I’ll be speaking in the spring at our local homeschool conference. I’d really like to get some practice in before then so if you need a speaker for a mom’s group or small conference drop me an email! Since I don’t have a book to base my talks on, I’m open to speaking on a variety of topics but can best address homeschooling, especially during difficult circumstances, living the liturgical life with your family,  and the importance of a sense of humor when tackling life’s challenges. My goal is one part motivation and two parts stand up comedy (with lots of hand gestures). But if your group is based on Florida or California or anywhere HOT, and you want me to speak in say, February, I will PAY YOU to hire me. (Just kidding… because my husband says I am.)

Six takes or so and even I’m bored with myself. Let me spare you the seventh. At least now I feel like I’ve emptied my brain from all those partial ideas. Hopefully, it will free up some space for some real post ideas.

Enjoy your week everyone! Oh, and swing back to Conversion Diary if you haven’t already read all the links by this point.


  1. Why not karaoke on the radio. All you need is skype! LOL! As for the exotic drink portion of the broadcast, Jen could not have a better counterpart. I wish you ALL the best with the speaking engagements. Whatever audience would be so blessed to laugh and cry with you then get up and dance!! Hugs from Virginia!!

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