{SQT} Yearbook Inscriptions: How I Remember You

Kelly, would you please stop mothering, nursing, teaching, cooking, cleaning and waking up a million times a night and sit your lazy butt down and blog??

As you wish. Some takes for those who sacrifice for me to do so.

1. A good friend of mine shared this article on Facebook the other day and reading it caused me to do an examination of my social media conscious. I think I can honestly say, for as much as I put out there, I really don’t feel like I’m revealing too much or sharing information and pictures that will later traumatize my children (those photos are in a special, hidden album…mwhahaha.) However, it did get me to thinking that while I’m quick to share the funny, ridiculous and annoying parts of my day, I probably don’t do enough to record the ‘good’, the special and the exceptional things my children (and husband) do that make me proud. When my kids are older, and we’re laughing at old stories, I want them to know it’s not just the poop jokes and Santa talks that matter. I feel like it’s a little bit harder though, because I don’t have all these A+ papers, certificates or plaques from school to save in a special box. I decided to celebrate my kids awesomeness by pointing out some of their great qualities here publicly, lest they assume my love of them hinges on their ability to make me laugh with a clever one-liner. We can maybe think of these takes as entries in the 2012-2013 yearbook; scrawled in colored ink, topped with hearts and smiley faces.  (Cue Simple Minds.)

2. Addie, you are very bright and learning comes much easier for you than any other child I know. Your capacity to remember any, and everything you read astounds me. Whatever you want to do with your life, you will be able to do it. You have natural leadership abilities and your own style. You don’t compromise on what you know is right and I’ve never known you to lie, ever. You are a huge help to me on a daily basis and I know I can always count on you. When I say you’d make a great mother superior, I’m only half kidding.

3. Byron, your imagination is endless. If your creativity was rocket fuel, we could get to the moon and back a hundred times and still have enough left over to make it to Mars. You have a soft spot for ‘the little guy’ and always believe in standing up for those who are too weak to do so on their own. You will be a St. George in today’s world of dragons and your big ideas will affect countless lives.

4. Edie, you have the compassion of a saint blossoming in you. When it comes to little children, you immediately want to mother them. You see the importance in slowing down and making time for physical closeness even when I do not. You have the focus and attention to detail that will see you through big and little things, and you are more patient with me than I am with anyone or anything.

5. Fulton, you bear so much on your little shoulders and despite muscle weakness, you have the strength of giants. You patiently endure strangers, doctors, and procedures with composure beyond your years. You have all the joy and exuberance of an average four-year old, yet a reflective, inquisitive mind that gives me pause.You were our first child to know all your prayers by the age of four, and you remain the most enthusiastic volunteer to lead a decade of the rosary.

6.Teddy, I see your personality forming behind those mischievous blue eyes. You look up to your big brothers, share many of their best characteristics, yet the happiness you radiate is all your own. You eat vegetables, even broccoli, without complaint. You work so hard to compensate for any weaknesses you have; you’re your own best therapist. The mischief you still manage to get into is the best proof.

7.And Tony, I’ve got a take left just for you. I do believe you’ve earned a special place in heaven for your complete acceptance of me. You are a provider, a confidant, a protector, a leader, the spiritual bedrock of the family and a lumberjack all rolled into one handsome package. I admire you, your principled life and the sacrifices you make for the benefit of our family. The kids will never doubt their importance to you and will be better parents and spouses themselves because of the example you are setting for them now.

And best of all, they all put up with my sense of humor. I couldn’t be a happier wife and mother and I hope my blog never portrays otherwise. What legacy are you leaving online?

While you ponder that, swing back over to Jen’s for more Takes of the Quick variety. Be sure to raise a glass to Ignatius’ newest writer!




  1. I love that you have “plagues” instead of “plaques”. (I know it’s totally not intentional but it’s totally true.)

    1. What? Didn’t your mom save all your plagues from school????
      Seriously: the problem with relying on spell check. I’ll have to correct that so people can take me seriously. I have an image to uphold.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful gift to your family! This looks like the kind of thing that would be worth doing at least annually, perhaps on some special family day. What I love about your blog is that your humor is mixed with such a tender love and delight in the gifts God has given you in your family and in your life.

  3. Kelly, this was lovely to read! I love your blog – but I think this might be my first comment! – and certainly don’t think you tend toward the negative side of too-much-family-information. Your blog is a testament to the strength and love and fun of your family! Thanks for the link to the article, though. It was a worthwhile read.

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