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Time to retell all the things from the week of confusion because, Memorial Day. That Monday off throws me every time.

1. Depending on where you live, yesterday was the Feast of the Ascension. (Many dioceses move it to the nearest Sunday, even though Jesus was pretty clear about only spending 40 days on earth, not 43.) Traditionally, the three days prior to this feast were Rogation Days and Catholics celebrated them by processions, the recitation of the litany of the Saints and a blessing of the land. As we are constantly striving to do ALL things liturgical (catacombs forthcoming in our basement) my husband lead us all around our property while the kids tossed holy water, strayed from single file line formation and otherwise failed to see the magnitude of their actions. We’re trying to prevent fire, flood and pestilence children! Could you maybe take the reverence up a notch???

Rogation procession 1

Rogation procession 2

2. Memorial Day was low-key for us, so we took the opportunity to visit a nearby handicap accessible playground. I’d been there once before shortly after Fulton got his wheelchair but now with Fulton and Teddy clamoring for excitement and three other kids in need of somewhere to climb and play that wasn’t their blessed backyard, we swung by. Fulton loved the swings and Teddy loved just driving to the top of the play deck and back, and up, and back, a hundred million times. There was an older wooden playground the older kids ran through until the afternoon heat sent us packing. And the bathrooms were locked. Thankfully we were so dehydrated, it was easy to hold it.

Accessible Playground

3. Update on 35K For SMA! I have two runs left and I basically haven’t trained at all since my last run due to all that leg pain I’ve mentioned. Even now that I’m pain-free, I’ve only gone for a walk once. Pitiful. BUT I’m seeing this thing through. I’m determined to end this series at the Laughing At My Nightmare 5K on Sat., June 21. However, since my schedule is crazy before then, my sixth 5K is going to be a virtual run/walk along! For the week leading up to the 21st, I’m asking all my friends and family to walk or run a 5K for SMA awareness. Maybe in the evening with your family, or first thing in the morning on your treadmill, rack up 3.1 miles then snap a selfie holding THIS SIGN to let everyone know what you’ve done. (You can write in whether you walked, ran or were dragged kicking and screaming.) I’ll be posting mine on Instagram, and all forms of social media. If you’re not into sweaty selfies, just send a tweet or post a status update. Encourage your friends and family to donate to my 34K4SMA cause to help families who are struggling to pay for the cost of raising a child or children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. A virtual 5K: no registration, no ugly t-shirt you’ll never wear again, no chip timing to add to your insecurities you’ve got nothing to lose! You can bet I’ll remind you again (and again) as the date draws near, but maybe you want to mark your calendar now anyway, June 14 until June 21. Help me end this thing with a bang!

4. In a complete change of topics I went crazy in the supermarket Tuesday night when I realized my local store now carried gluten-free Fig Newtons! I haven’t had Fig Newtons in YEARS. They’re definitely one of the things I miss most about giving up gluten. I had been known to purchase them as a “healthy snack” and then proceed to act disappointed when the kids didn’t’ like them and eat every. single. one. within a day…although 24 hours might be a generous time allotment. Once I was in my car, I ripped open the pack and was surprised when they looked…furry. They smelled fine, and the expiration date was more than a month off. I examined them. It was already dark and some of the newtons looked fine, and damnit, I was hungry so I ate one. It was very good. I almost cried. I ate another one. And then decided maybe I should wait to get home until I had any more. Of course upon closer inspection in my kitchen, Tony pointed out several that were green. He wasn’t buying my argument that cotton candy is furry-like and maybe these newtons just had a sugary, cotton candy type coating. He suggested taking them back to the store, but I wasn’t sure how I would explain the fact that I needed to return these moldy newtons after eating two…or maybe three, of them.

5. I have a giveaway going to win a copy of Leila Lawler’s book “The Little Oratory” plus a sweet icon coloring book. Enter and try to convince the soulless Rafflecoptor why you deserve to win.

6. Jen’s coming to NYC. Will I see you at First Things? With her busy schedule, I was surprised she had time to make this video of herself sampling the winning Something Other Than God cocktail. Many thanks to her for letting me share it here first.

#7 For Tori’s recipe check Jen’s post. Christy’s Sangria is posted HERE and Spicy Catholic’s drink is as follows:

1 oz bourbon
1oz. tequila
Egg White from one egg
enough sour mix to complete the deliciousness 4-6 oz?
lime garnish
Shake super crazy with ice for a bit so egg gets a chance to do its foamy wonder. Pour into chilly chill glass without the ice and garnish with lime. And voila! the #sotg north/south pisco!

For more Takers on the Quick, swing back to Jen’s and please ask her to lift the restraining order. Happy weekend!


  1. Ohmygoshohmygosh!!!! You are one of the most insane and hilarious people I have ever met!!! Lmao I’m dying!!!! Jen’s mouth looked so hysterical!!

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Those kids look nothing but reverent!
    Love the photo of Fulton on the swings.
    I love a good Fig Newton, but for the love…Moldy??? They aren’t that good.
    However, your video is. That good. Not moldy.

  3. Oh my goodness, that video is amazing and hilarious and how did you ever do that without laughing hysterically through the whole thing? There should be a new category that you win just for that!

  4. Hahaha that video!! Great to meet you tonight—so glad you could come to the event. Currently stalking your blog. Could be here a while. Come back to First Things soon!

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