{SQT}Highlights Of A Slow Week

I’m attempting a Seven Quick Takes that’s actually quick for a change. Hang on for a bumpy ride.

1. Fulton’s new favorite word is “allergic” as in, “No, you can’t punish me! I’m allergic!!”

2. I wasted some time setting up a Zazzle shop so I can sell normal items with pictures of my weird things on them. Just in time for Christmas! (And Hanukkah: I don’t discriminate.)

3. I was cast in our church’s third annual dinner theater performance. I know what you’re thinking “Is there anything you can’t do Kelly?” and “How can I pre-order tickets? Will it be webcast live for those of us unable to attend??” Or more likely “How in the world will you have time for that??” Through the loving sacrifice of my husband. It’s a major fundraiser for our parish, so while it’s taxing on the family come production week, my kids love seeing me on stage and I feel like it’s my contribution to the church’s upkeep. Plus, I love acting. A lot. Possibly more than writing. These small performances are a way for me to live out childhood dreams that were otherwise crushed back in college.

4. If you ask the kids, the highlight of the week thus far is the new Pencil Sharpener. More deadly than an ice pick is a freshly sharpened Ticonderoga.  As Edie quipped while poking her finger, “There, I’ve sharpened Byron’s pencil until it’s ouch sharp.” Addie writes a sentence, then resharpens, a few more words, then resharpens. I’m considering hanging a dartboard instead of storing the pencils in a box.

5. Glutino Chocolate Creme Cookies! If you’re eating gluten-free and love Oreos, these are for you. I’m not saying they’re as good as Oreos, but they’re as close as we’re going to get. Glutino makes a lot of disgusting gluten-free foods (like I almost went back to gluten after gagging down a bowl of their cereal)  so I hesitated purchasing these cookies, but I really needed Oreos one day so I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. I can eat a pack in three days…or less. I haven’t looked at the nutrition facts, but I’m pretty sure the cookies are fat-free and zero calories.

6.  Oh, I almost forgot, my husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday. Sunday, we went to Red Lobster and then I used some birthday giftcards at Old Navy and bought new clothes for the first time in a year. I was going to write some deep reflection on good marriages or something but Hallie already did that, and summed it up  more nicely than I ever could. I would have written something like, “If he wants to smack you on the butt while you are cooking dinner, don’t yell at him.”

7. If you’re bored, be sure to search for ‘taxidermy’ on ebay. I found a great new item for our house, but I don’t think Tony’s going to go for it. Maybe if I buy it for him as a gift, he’ll feel obligated to keep, and display it.


  1. Thanks, pretty lady!

    Though if I’m going to be honest, I have to admit that I now consider my entire post a failure since it didn’t include the butt smacking tip. šŸ˜‰

  2. You should definitely get the two headed duck as a present. I got my husby a pickled pig in a pickle jar and he was thrilled to pieces šŸ™‚

    1. HA! Corrected that, but actually, that cereal did taste like it came from the bowels of something.

  3. Well if Tony doesn’t like the two-headed duck, you could always send it to the Bloggess!p

  4. “Iā€™m considering hanging a dartboard instead of storing the pencils in a box.” Awesome šŸ™‚

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