Welcome to all my weary mom friends!

Raising children, one or a dozen, is hard work! We know our kids are blessings, that our vocation to motherhood is one filled with grace, and yet, we spend so much time yelling, or sprawled out on the couch wondering what to make for dinner…again. Where are all the heart-warming moments spend huddled together reading saint books, or on a leisurely stroll through a picturesque meadow collecting wildflower samples for our nature journals? Do these things ever actually happen???

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of time comparing yourself to other moms online and worrying if you’re doing enough or more likely, beating yourself up, because you know you’re not doing enough.

Well, that stops here. I’m building a community for Catholic moms free from the guilt. Together, we’re going to learn to embrace our role as primary educator of our children and share our love and our faith as best we can, even if it’s messy and imperfect. Some of us may choose homeschooling, and others may choose private or public school, but we all have the same overwhelming goal, to prepare a new generation of Catholics for the demands of this world and ultimately, heaven. This is the intersection of Catholic education and real life, and we’re going to rock it!

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Best posts for overwhelmed mamas who need education inspiration

Or consider one on one homeschool consulting to help to tackle an especially tough challenge!

Best posts for unmotivated mamas who need a kick in the butt

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