Summer Schedules For Parents Who Cannot Even

1. After about a day of no school, our household quickly descends into a free for all, every man for himself, Lord of the Flies type environment. As much as I enjoy a break from the work that homeschooling entails, without some structure to our day, our house and I are usually a couple of hot messes before noon. (It doesn’t help that everyone keeps leaving the back door open!!)

2. Of course Pinterest has all the answers I need, namely, a summer schedule, preferably in a brush font using sherbet colors. Here were a few of my options!

Oooo! And if I haven’t clawed my eyes out by August we can undertake some ‘Life Skills’ activities too! Thanks for the suggestion Pinterest!

3. I realized we needed to establish some sort of order with alliteration, outside the usual school routine, to keep the chaos at bay. Here’s our daily themes. (Trying to keep it real so the kids don’t get their hopes up.)

4. Here’s our daily schedule (It just seems like I have my s*** together when I make a printable with a fun font doesn’t it?)

5. I was also going to make a summer booklist, but as you can see our days are pretty packed so I’m not sure where the kids will squeeze in extra reading, what with all the STEM enrichment activities and field trips we’ll spend time arguing about potentially doing.

6. So far, I’m feeling pretty good because it’s been easy sticking to our schedule. On the flip side, I can’t see how this is supposed to help order our lives more efficiently. Maybe I’m missing something.

7. How is your summer shaping up? Write it down then link it up below! Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. OMG, Kelly! Those schedules are hilarious! When my boys were young, summer schedules flew out the window. (I thought I was the only one who locked her kids outside so they would get some fresh air and I could have a moment’s peace!!!)

  2. What are the odds that our families would have the exact same summer schedule?!?! (Except I’m just finishing up ice cream in bed for breakfast. For realz.)

    Thanks for the giggle. I need it to get through another long summer day. 🙂

  3. Those schedules are hilarious. Looks like something I would lovingly create, laminate, and post on the fridge, only to abandon it two days later.

    Our summer … so far, so good. But we have had structure imposed on us, which makes a big difference. We started off by getting my daughter off to summer-study-abroad, then started summer school, then I was away for a week (so that might have been chaos, but I wasn’t here to see it.) I am a little nervous about July … lots of unstructured chaos on the horizon. But I’m also kinda looking forwards to it if it means lazy-pj mornings and cheese and crackers for dinner. But I’m sure I’ll be sick of that after about, oh, two days.

  4. These are great! You had me at “brush font using sherbet colors”! As an extrovert, I crave getting out of the house and having some sort of place to go each day to break things up, but it has been nice to have a few days to lay low. I have one daughter that is “do ALL the things” and one that is “I like my crib (and I mean literal crib), don’t make me get out, I just want to chill out here”. So it is definitely a balancing act. I hope you have a great rest of the summer!

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  6. your schedule’s are horrible please look at your self in the mirror !!!!!!!!!

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