{SQT} Sun, Avoiding Face to Face Contact and The Hidden Side to Everything

seven quick takes friday 2

What a difference a week makes! We’ve had days of sunshine! Multiple. days. in. a. row. My kids are finally outside where they belong, and although the yard is too muddy for the wheelchairs the boys are crashing on the deck with reckless abandonment.

1. Just to recap: this was Saturday, when I went for a hike with my scouting group.

IMG_5333 (1)

And this was Monday when I enjoyed the salty sea air.


2.  If you’re still cooped up in frigid temperatures, why not spend some time at a Catholic Women’s Conference? Talks from 27 of  your favorite Catholic women (and a few fellows) are available to watch over and over for $39.99. (Unless you want to use the code Lyceum at checkout, then you get $10 off – booyah!) That price also includes a study / discussion guide and several other nifty bonuses. When you consider the cost of an ‘in person’ conference it’s quite the deal and free from the stress of making small talk with strangers. (I mean, I’m an extrovert, so I’ll force a conversation on anyone, but if you’re more introverted, I’d think this would be right up your alley.) View with your friends and discuss… with wine and chocolate! Who doesn’t need a reason to hang with friends, enjoy food and beverage and listen to a spiritually uplifting talk?

CC4M button


3. I got a notification from my library that the book “the life-changing magic of tidying up” had just arrived for me, after weeks of slowly moving down the hold list. However, I’m even more excited to read it after Rachel’s review.

Having read many, MANY books on organization, simple living and minimalism I wondered if I had much to learn, or purge. But after a couple of chapters I am hooked and already wondering how I will talk my children into adopting the KoriMari Method.  “No c’mon Byron. Just read this. Then you’ll want to fill this garbage bag with toys.”

4.  25 Pictures That Prove Orthodox Priests Will Bless Anything

For the record, Roman Catholic priests will bless a bunch of stuff too, but I doubt we’ll get government support for the blessing of our…

5. Are you in need of a baptism present? Are you looking for a beautiful picture book for your young child that is free of animals with attitude and Disney characters? Do you need something to keep your curious child quiet at Mass??? Annemarie to the rescue!!

I got a peek inside these little treasures and was immediately attracted to the bright, colorful illustrations. Annemarie does a wonderful job of anticipating what children think about upon glancing at a tabernacle or monstrance and offers a simple explanation, and scripture verse, to answer their questions. If you are often at a loss as to how to explain the mysteries of the faith to your probing preschooler, consider these first two books in the growing Curious Little Catholic Series. 

6. When I’m not listening to all my favorite Catholic podcasters, I like to shake things up with the Freakonomics Radio show. I’ve enjoyed all the Freakonomics books and the podcast episodes are in the same vein. I don’t think at all like an economist which is maybe why I find their approach so fascinating. They manage to show at least two sides to every story, and the root of the problem, however uncomfortable or unexpected it might be. Their recent podcast on energy efficiency is a new favorite.

The book that got me hooked.


7. After recommending so much stuff in this post, I feel like maybe I should update my “affiliate disclosure”.

For the record, all these opinions are my own and I’m just sharing them cause it’s my blog and I get to do that. There are a few affiliate links here and there and if you’re really opposed to giving me .04% of your potential purchase then please, don’t click and buy anything. Amazon doesn’t own my soul, even though they give me 10 cents every other month. If you think my weather related rants, parody posts or the steady stream of selfies is in any way motivated by sponsorship and that I’m not being authentic or “real” enough, please stop reading, or offer me something better.

You know the drill! Link up your Takes below! And this week to keep it fresh – reverse order link up! Just in case Daylight Savings time didn’t throw you off.



  1. So I’m eating a cold dinner because I hurried up to be first in posting my Quick Takes for nothing?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. My friend went to mass once and they were in line to talk to the priest after mass and this couple in front of them asked the priest to bless her tattoo. They assumed maybe it was a religious/in memory tattoo but didn’t get a good look as they were so thrown off by the couples question.

  3. I haven’t listened to the Freakonomics podcast or radio show (didn’t know either existed) but I was FASCINATED by the discussions presented in the books and even refer to them in regular conversation. Subscribing to the podcast as I type this!!! Happy Sunny Weather!

  4. I think it’s time to read that tidying book, after seeing it recommended like 15 times this week. I GET THE HINT. And thanks for the baptism book recs! They look lovely, and would make good Easter gifts for godchildren, too, I think!

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