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#35K4SMA The Final Installment

So guys, I actually ran seven 5Ks for Spinal Muscular Atrophy awareness! No one is more surprised than me. And for the record, I still hate running. A year ago, when this idea first entered my mind, I wondered if it was too ambitious, especially for someone who disliked running and was already hard pressed Read More

{SQT} Seven Ways To Get Off Your Butt

TOMORROW, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away! And why is tomorrow SO special? Because it’s the start of my Virtual 35K For SMA run! From Saturday the 14th to Saturday the 21st I’m inviting, no, insisting, that all my friends, family, readers, random people I encounter walk / run/ skip a Read More

Because #35K4SMA And Zombies

After my Ugly Sweater Run in December. I gave up running for a bit…accidentally. It just got so cold and then the holidays that I thought, well, once things warm up a bit I’ll get back in the habit. But as many of you realize, this was the winter that only ended like, last week, Read More

#35K4SMA You Guys Are More Awesome Than My Sweater

*MWAH!* That’s the sound of me giving each of my wonderful friends a huge smooch on the cheek. That includes you bloggy readers! In anticipate of Saturday’s Ugly Sweater Run, I spent a chunk of time last week spreading the word about 35K For SMA over as much of social media land as I could, Read More

{SQT} I’m Not As Bitter As I Sound…Bah Humbug

Having just completed all the laundry from our trip out of town over Thanksgiving, I can finally sit down and blog without getting dagger eyes from the mountain of clothes in my living room. However, I’m considering instituting a few days of nudity next week so we can all stop producing so much dirty laundry. Read More

{FF} I Get To Run In My Cow Sweater, and a few other things

I’ve run covered in dye, mud and lured by alcohol, but now, I face the greatest 5K of all; 1. The Ugly Sweater Run! Within five minutes of me spotting a half off coupon for the upcoming run in Philly, I was registered. So many of my favorite things rolled into one run; I might Read More

{WIWS} 35K4SMA Style With A Side Of Sickness

I really thought this was going to be the 5K that I enjoyed, that completely changed my mind about running, and convinced me that running is invigorating and rewarding in it’s own right. You see where this is going right? Rewind to Sunday morning. Here I am looking cute in our dirty hallway mirror. Scarf: Read More

{35K4SMA} A Mud Run In Verse Or Why I Find Them A Curse

One bright and fall-ish morning, just after Mass was done, I dropped my kids at CCD and rushed off to a mud run. Dressed in old sneakers, with my logo’d t-shirt worn with pride, I added leggings with my snakeskin, my undies wherefore to hide. My stomach was in knots at this experience so new, Read More

{SQT} Fast And Furious Starting at Five

Time for some quick takes. Right out of the starting gate, 1. Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging with some frequency this week. (Yes I have and yes, you’re impressed.) The secret to this burst in posts is waking up at 5 a.m. I know, I can’t believe it either. A week ago, I would’ve Read More

{35K4SMA} Only Six More To Go

Waiting on pins and needles? Wait no more! I’m alive! Contrary to all my predictions, my first 5K did not kill me, just aged me only ever so slightly. (But that was because I forgot to wear my glasses and almost got myself lost in the wilds of Camden.) The weather was too perfect for Read More

{SQT} Training For The Rest Of Us

Thank you for all the early support for 35K For SMA! Solicitation letters and emails are in the works! I registered for my first race and after next Saturday, press releases are going out, because it’s go big or go home around here! (All the exclamation points all the time!!!!!) At least until the school Read More

{35K4SMA} The Craziness Begins

First off; if you’re going to post that you’ve got an exciting announcement coming you should realize two things. 1. People will assume its much cooler and greater than what you’re actually going to do. 2. Your parents should be notified first so they don’t freak out and expect some horrible bombshell. (Sorry mom!) So Read More