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The Bacon Bar Is Open

I apologize in advance if reading this post makes you want to booze up in the A.M. I recommend waiting until at least 3 p.m. before busting out the cocktail shaker and taking these beverages for a test drive. No matter how “breakfasty” they may seem, at 70 proof, Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon liquor will Read More

{WIWS} I’m Not Wearing A Dirndl

It’s another episode of What I Wore Sunday, combined with a lackluster summary of our weekend. I didn’t want to bore you on Friday with seven low lights from our week, so you’ll have to take what you can get here. Let the potporri begin! First, the high fashion you’ve come to expect. Dress: Goodwill Read More

{FF} The Unmentionable Collection

I’m going to be very upfront with you. This post will contain probably too much information about a recent date afternoon that consisted of me buying new bras for the first time in about five years. But since I like to keep you all abreast of any and all new developments around here, I had Read More

My Beauty Tips For A Less “Train Wreck” Appearance

Just so you don’t all think I’m holding out on you, I’ve decided to spill all my beauty secrets. And look, I even created a graphic so you can pin this and easily find it later in a moment of panic. I know Grace isn’t the only  one wondering how I mange to look so Read More

Date Night; Rekindle The Magic Of Dried Fruit

 Picture this; a bright, cheery kitchen filled with the smells of a home cooked meal wafting from the stove. The chef dances to the Pop Dance music channel on Pandora, thumping and wailing in time to Pitbull and Christian Aguilara. Her oldest daughter is in the adjacent school room, hunkering down at her desk, nose in Read More

I Borrowed Your Seven Quick Takes

I’ve been at a loss for what to write for a ‘Seven Quick Takes’ post for a couple of weeks now. No cohesive theme has jumped out at me and lately I feel like I’ve been summing up my weekly goings on with my ‘Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real’ posts on Thursdays. But everyone else around Read More