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{SQT} Training For The Rest Of Us

Thank you for all the early support for 35K For SMA! Solicitation letters and emails are in the works! I registered for my first race and after next Saturday, press releases are going out, because it’s go big or go home around here! (All the exclamation points all the time!!!!!) At least until the school Read More

{35K4SMA} The Craziness Begins

First off; if you’re going to post that you’ve got an exciting announcement coming you should realize two things. 1. People will assume its much cooler and greater than what you’re actually going to do. 2. Your parents should be notified first so they don’t freak out and expect some horrible bombshell. (Sorry mom!) So Read More

A Craigslist Christmas Story

Joining up for my first time with the wonderful ladies at Carrots for Michaelmas, Dueling Moms and Molly Makes Do, for their ongoing  Little Holy Days link up. We’ve created a lot of great Advent traditions in our family. Now that we’ve gotten the hang of the wreaths and recipes, we’re working on remembering to Read More