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Five Reasons We Homeschool

It’s all homeschool all the time! How was your first day? Ours was significantly better than last years; which may or may not be due to the copious amounts of frozen yogurt that were consumed. I also allowed them to check out several comic books (Superman from the 40s!) at the library, which I usually Read More

{FF} Pulling It Together To Stay In The Game

Coming to you from my favorite corner of the living room couch, day 3 of the seven-day blog-a-thon! Yes, I’m well aware I didn’t post yesterday. Instead I spent most of my time curled up on the couch trying to convince myself I wasn’t sick while my intestines argued otherwise. Today, I’m trying to take Read More

{FF} If I Knew Any Cliches About the Midwest, I’d Insert Them Here

I’m back, I’m back…just barely. A big shout out to Chicago and all its congested roadways for robbing me of three hours of my life that I’ll never recover. If the opportunity to repay Chi-town (see definition #6) with several hours of dissatisfied toddler tantrum and endless five-year old questioning ever arises, you know it’s Read More

{FF} Music For The Long Times Ahead

Tomorrow I’m headed across state lines. But before I get outta Dodge without raising the ire of the sheriff, I must tie up a few loose ends as I doubt I’ll get much chance to write over the next twelve days. First, don’t forget to enter my giveaway sponsored by Just 11 Stitches! The winner Read More

{FF} Therapeutic Groove Thang Shaking

I’ve always said (or at least since writing this post), when life hands you lemons, throw them at your rowdy kids and put on some dance music. Very few things in this world pick me up as quickly and surely as dance music. Try as I may to like less mainstream music, I keep coming Read More

{FF} The Unmentionable Collection

I’m going to be very upfront with you. This post will contain probably too much information about a recent date afternoon that consisted of me buying new bras for the first time in about five years. But since I like to keep you all abreast of any and all new developments around here, I had Read More

{FF} This Ain’t Your Average Social

I walked into the run down corner liquor store with a skip in my step. I breezed past the line of old men getting lottery tickets, the humming case of malt liquor and straight to the back of the store where the treasure was kept. Glancing at my watch, I maneuvered my way back to Read More

{FF} Just Get Me Through Friday

Joining up with Hallie for the one link up that’s not in reverse order this week (trend setter or behind the times? Discuss.) I really, really, really wasn’t feeling like there were five things in the world I hearted this week but, I need to distract myself from all the laundry and packing a weeklong Read More

{FF}Homeschool Conference Warm Fuzzies

On Saturday, the local Catholic homeschool group I’m a part of hosted their 14th Annual Homeschool conference. Feeling down about homeschooling? Then go surround yourself with a hundred or so enthusiastic homeschoolers and see if that doesn’t empower the pants (or jumper) off you. My husband and I had always assumed we’d send our kids Read More

{FF} The First, And Hopefully The Last, Fat And Oily Edition

Linking up at Hallie’s with host Jen for my first Five Favorites post. I’m having one of those types of weeks which, although it doesn’t involve neck punctures or third trimester woes, will require a full pity party post later in the week. But today, I’m all about focusing on the positive, the reasons for Read More

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