{SQT} What To Do When Your Child Won’t Stop Staring At A Person In A Wheelchair

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It happened every time I took my family out in public; stares, open mouths, finger pointing, awkward conversations and personal questions. And then my fourth, and soon fifth, children added their wheelchairs to the large family traveling circus and things got even worse. I’m hardly an expert in how to properly act around handicap people, […]


Fulton’s First Holy Communion

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Saturday morning, we all woke up early and I think the excitement was contagious.   A photo posted by Kelly Mantoan (@kellymantoan) on Apr 30, 2016 at 5:50am PDT Like many second graders this spring, Fulton Ambrose received his First Holy Communion at a morning Mass surrounded by a packed sanctuary of friends and family. […]


The Week of Awesome #MDAcamp

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MDA Camp, how do I love thee, let me count the ways! PHOTO DUMP! All images are from the MDA Philadelphia Facebook page. All campers and volunteers sign waivers to allow their photos to be taken and shared publicly. I invite you to like their page so you can view the rest of the photos from their June […]


{SQT} The Respiratory Edition

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Happy Easter readers! It was not my intent to take a week off writing. Certainly, I knew celebrating Easter with out-of-town family would delay posting, however, I didn’t expect to spend time at the hospital with Fulton, and as such I’ve been preoccupied.  Thankfully, he’s doing well, but you’ll have to tolerate seven takes all about […]


Not the Usual Back to School Post

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Did you survive your first day back to school? To my public/ private school friends, did you weep tears of joy or relief at sending your growing babies away on the bus? To my homeschooling sisters, did everyone make it through the day without tears??? I only had four of my five cry, so I […]


{LWF} Fulton Has Left The Building

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Welcome to part four of my sporadic series ‘Life With Fulton’, where I detail the ins and outs of caring for a child, or children, with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Read previous installments HERE, HERE and HERE. I’m a very social homeschooling mom who lives in a state teeming with homeschooling activities. With Philadelphia only a short drive away, […]


{p,h,f,r} Just Another Day In The Life

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It’s been one year since a nurse last set foot inside my house. Many times since then, I’ve prayed for the return of nursing care, but according to all insurance guidelines, Fulton is just too healthy to need the assistance. I’ve modified our school days, tried to be consistent in my daily routine and just […]