Exposing Pre-Phase Three Syndrome


Ladies, if you and your spouse are practicing NFP and attempting to space your children due to the gravest of circumstances, your husband may be suffering with PPT, or Pre-Phase Three syndrome! In the days leading up to phase three, you may notice the following in your husband; An increasing interest in the date. An […]


{SQT} Oozing Classiness

Humor, Seven Quick Takes

This post is designated ‘downer free’. It is guaranteed to contain at least 85 percent joy and humor, some bordering on ridiculous, with only 15 percent filler, and maybe a smattering of MSG. In fact I’m going to dedicate the majority of this post to a spectacular family heirloom of mine that always brings a […]


Seven Quick Takes-Books You’ll Want to Run Out and Buy…as soon as I write them.

Homeschooling, Humor, Seven Quick Takes

I must confess that when I started this blog, in the back of my mind I had grandiose plans of gaining a huge following and somehow landing a huge book deal and becoming a major celebritey…amongst female Catholic writers.┬áDanielle Bean, Susie Lloyd, Amy Welborn…watch out! I’m coming for you! (And I mean that in the […]