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{WIWS} The Slightly Festive, Slightly Creepy Edition

Sung to the tune of Hall and Oats, “Private Eyes”: “Santa Claus is watching you, he sees your every move. Santa Claus is watching you, SANTA CLAUS! Is stalking you, stalking you, stalking you, STALKING YOU!”   Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory White Shirt: last relic of my Gap fashion days Navy Shirt: Old Navy Tights: Read More

No Addie, There Is Not A Santa Claus.

The other night, somewhere between Tony reading Sunday’s collect aloud and the beginning of our family rosary, Addie came to the sudden realization that Santa Claus does not exist. Perhaps it was our discussion of presents, as we have several family birthdays approaching, or it might have been related to the fact I let slip Read More