{SQT} The Respiratory Edition

Seven Quick Takes, SMA Posts

Happy Easter readers! It was not my intent to take a week off writing. Certainly, I knew celebrating Easter with out-of-town family would delay posting, however, I didn’t expect to spend time at the hospital¬†with Fulton, and as such I’ve been preoccupied. ¬†Thankfully, he’s doing well, but you’ll have to tolerate seven takes all about […]


{35K4SMA} The Craziness Begins

SMA Posts

First off; if you’re going to post that you’ve got an exciting announcement coming you should realize two things. 1. People will assume its much cooler and greater than what you’re actually going to do. 2. Your parents should be notified first so they don’t freak out and expect some horrible bombshell. (Sorry mom!) So […]


{SQT} Seven Things You Should Know About SMA

SMA Posts

  Since starting this blog, I’ve only briefly mentioned the disease that afflicts my two youngest sons. If you’ve spent any time with me here, you’ve read about wheelchair crashing and hospital stays, but only as they relate to our everyday life. I’ve shied away from talking too much about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, […]