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{p,h,f,r} Because I Didn’t Take A Picture Of The Toilet

What better way to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, and honor the head of our household, than to give Tony the opportunity to pick up a second-hand toilet in mint condition for 1/4 of its retail price? Okay, well if saving a bunch of money on a toilet didn’t excite him, our family trip Read More

{p,h,f,r} Inst-y Edition

Continuous efforts to bloat my Instagram feed have revealed the painful truth; everyone I associate with online lives in a more photogenic house then me. And they get out more. Okay, I escape my digs occasionally, but so far I’ve found little inspiration at play practice, the grocery store or Fulton’s therapy appointments. But, with Read More

{SQT}Highlights Of A Slow Week

I’m attempting a Seven Quick Takes that’s actually quick for a change. Hang on for a bumpy ride. 1. Fulton’s new favorite word is “allergic” as in, “No, you can’t punish me! I’m allergic!!” 2. I wasted some time setting up a Zazzle shop so I can sell normal items with pictures of my weird Read More