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Get Your Wheels On The Beach

I’m back from a fun week at the beach with the family. Nothing like a family vacation to break all the great habits you’ve worked so hard to instill in yourself and your children. I’m sorry I don’t have another karaoke video to drop on you, or anything. I know I’ve gained some new readers Read More

{p,h,f,r} I’m a Little Oratory Fan Girl

As promised, I’m back this week with some thoughts on Leila’s new book, ‘The Little Oratory, A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home’, co-authored with David Clayton. And a giveaway. I know y’all love a giveaway. Icons, and other forms of religious art, have long held a place of honor in our home. Not Read More

Makin’ A Statement Thanks To Jenna

Y’all know Jenna from Call Her Happy right? She’s like this crazy embroidery diva. She just started her Stitch-a-Long with a free succulent pattern.  Last week she wrote up and shared another pattern for Lent at CatholicMom.com.  And if all this leaves your fingers cramping because embroidery sounds hard and impossible, she even has a tutorial up Read More

{FF} I Heart Dorothy Day

Last week Christy wrote a review about Dorothy Day’s autobiography, ‘ The Long Loneliness’. Day is one of my favorite Catholics and discovering her writings on the Catholic Worker Movement were a major turning point in my life. I know what your thinking, “But wait Kelly, wasn’t she just some wacko peace-nik hippy communist? She Read More

Books I Read Between All The Crazy Moments in My Life

In the ongoing need to organize and analyze every aspect of my life to the point of madness, I’m scanning my Goodreads account and linking up with Haley and Anne because otherwise how will I remember all my favorite books of 2013??? Must. blog. minutiae. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen Covey I Read More

{SQT} ENFJ Gift Guide, Because I Can’t Help Being Organized

I’m on a gift guide kick this week. I created four lists on Etsy to help my readers find the best handmade and Catholic gifts for men, women, children and extended family and friends. But it wasn’t enough. Who was left? Then I started thinking about all those trendy bloggers talking about their Myers Briggs Read More

{SQT} What I’m Taking To The Grave

I’m going through my twice yearly spaz feast, also known as, reorganize the house to distract myself from all that is my life. I’m faced with a glut of presents. Plus, on going home improvement projects designed to make our house less of a death trap to objects that are not in power mobility devices, Read More

{SQT} Oozing Classiness

This post is designated ‘downer free’. It is guaranteed to contain at least 85 percent joy and humor, some bordering on ridiculous, with only 15 percent filler, and maybe a smattering of MSG. In fact I’m going to dedicate the majority of this post to a spectacular family heirloom of mine that always brings a Read More

Things I Love; My Conquistador Lamp

The summer before my junior year of college I fell in love with a Spanish man. It made no difference that I was still dating my high school sweetheart. As soon as my eyes beheld the Conquistador’s thoughtful eyes, dark beard and pumpkin pants I knew I had to make him mine.  Thankfully, he was Read More

Things I Love; Old School Trapper Keepers

Old school, 1980’s original, puppy dog adorned Trapper Keeper; you were the one cool and trendy thing my parents bought for me as a child. ( Okay you and a Cabbage Patch doll.) No kid screamed “socially awkward” more than me until highschool, but everyone respected the Trapper. I doodled on your crisp white inside, Read More

Random thoughts on something I love: Aprons

I love aprons because I always decide to make homemade pizza on a day when I’m wearing black. Halloween or Easter candy opens silently in an apron pocket.  I love aprons because worn over a denim jumper and stained t-shirt I can still pull off  a ‘put together’ June Cleaver look  if I brush my hair and Read More

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