Third Person Thursday: The Dawn of a New Era

Catholic, Humor

They traipsed into the pews like a herd of elephants. Someone dropped the kneeler to the ground before Fulton’s wheelchair was parked and with a quick twist of his joystick, the whole pew in front of them shifted. “Father really needs to bolt these things down”, Kelly thought to herself while apologizing softly to the […]


Third Person Thursday: I Thought They Migrated


They’d stayed up too late once again. Kelly fumbled with the alarm on her iPod; 5:30 a.m. or 5 a.m.  She couldn’t decide and threw it on the bookshelf before crawling under the comforter. Tony clicked off the lights and snuggled in next to her. They chatted softly for a few minutes before both started […]


Third Person Thursday: A Gruesome Discovery


Kelly surveyed the cramped interior. It was even worse than she imaged; like something from a scene in ‘The Shining.’  There were red stains from floor to ceiling, and upon closer examination, a leg bone could be seen peeking out from under the bench. Her emotions fluctuated between anger and panic. How could she clean […]


Third Person Thursday


In honor of NaNoWriMo I present ‘Third Person Thursday’. Just something different to help me in my fiction writing journey. If you’re so inclined, join me. I’d love to read about your morning/afternoon/ trip to Target in the third person. Leave a link in the comments.  Kelly stared into her coffee. For a moment, she […]