{SQT} Social Media Strategy

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I’m helping to organize a small regional blogging conference, and in planning, it’s become clear that many bloggers are looking for information on social media; how to grow followers, gain more likes, increase interaction, and generally figure out, what is the point of all this gobbledy gook??   When I’m not sharing blogging tips or parenting advice, […]


{FF} Five Things to do When You Have Writers Block


Since I started blogging three years ago, it’s been common for me to go through creative slumps, or dry spells, when I find it absolutely painful to formulate a post, or hash out even a few favorites, takes or snapshot comments. In the past, I’d sometimes force myself to post anyway, often in a grumpy […]


Blogging Advice From A Name You Can Trust


Just yesterday I didn’t receive another email containing several questions pertaining to blogging. These non-existent emails didn’t contain questions like “How do I start a blog?”, “How do I grow my blog?”,  “How can I monetize my blog?”. Well, today I thought I’d answer the tough questions no ones actually asked me and share all […]


Because #35K4SMA And Zombies

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After my Ugly Sweater Run in December. I gave up running for a bit…accidentally. It just got so cold and then the holidays that I thought, well, once things warm up a bit I’ll get back in the habit. But as many of you realize, this was the winter that only ended like, last week, […]


{p,h,f,r} Overflowing With Books


I’ve mentioned a couple of times to visiting friends that I decorate with books. We have many shelves placed wherever there’s wall space and they’re just bursting with titles. I can’t think of any shelves we have that aren’t spilling over with books as opposed to say, dusty trinkets and collectables. Maybe just the dining […]


The Meal Planner


Who doesn’t love the look of a fresh meal plan stuck to the front of the fridge? Nothing says ‘competent mature adult’ like the ability to plan a week of dinners.If you search the web or Pinterest you’ll see no shortage of menus, planners, tips, printables, etc to help you transition your life from one […]